Sunday, October 14, 2012

・: a dream is a wish your heart makes : ・

I would love love love love love love to go see the Nutcracker ballet.
That would be, like, my dream date. All dressed fancy <3 And it would be December so Christmas lights would be up everywhere, hustle and bustle, holly jolly atmosphere. Possibly snow and all the street lamps would glow in the hazy distance. Tuxedos and fancy dresses, walking arm and arm, red roses and I've ALWAYS wanted someone to take me ice skating down town. Sitting in the box, watching the ballet, my eyes sparkle when the curtain comes up, it never ceases to amaze me. The first notes of the orchestra. I always shed a tear when I go see any show at the music hall, its so beautiful. And that guy wouldn't care that he was at some ballet, because it would just be magical....

OH back to reality, deeeeeep sigh. I know it's over used but sometimes I feel #foreveralone.

Today I'm very nogalistic, hopeless romantic, swamped with homework that I can't start on till tomorrow, daydreaming, wishing for winter/snow, finding beauty in everything, and lonely.

So here's a bunch of pictures. (Three more days)

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  1. He's out there Mattie, and I know he's looking for you. I remember hearing from a guy who came to our church onetime, he was coming to lol well talk about purity rings and stuff and about waiting for that ONE special person that you spend your life with and you know waiting till marriage all that stuff.. lol but any ways! what really stood out to me was he said he was looking and waiting and waiting for that one special girl, he kept his heart pure, body pure, and kept growing spiritually as much as he could before he found her, and then one day he did, but it took many years he was almost in his 30s. But not saying thats how long you will have to wait, but there is a guy out there who is looking for you, and God is growing him so much spiritually right now. When he finds you he will be an amazing man of faith and he will treasure you like no other. I love you Mattie, I know this may not help much because I know right now its really hard, and waiting is hard, and it hurts... :( but I really believe God has an amazing amazing guy in store for you. *hugs* love you and you are amazing!! I cant wait to see you!!!!! gahhh!!! :DDDDDDDDDD