Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The only light in my life.

I'll set this up for you guys before I dive right in, I just HAD to blog about this dream. So last night I posted a blog ranting about some things. I talked about the Avengers, waltzing, princesses, being innocent really. Go read it really quick before you read the dream. ANYWAY, I also was looking at wigs (Celestia wigs), possibly a new Sailor Moon wig, Sailor Moon props, cosplay stuff. Then I was on gaia, I dressed her up super pastel and sparkly and there's this item that I really want that gives you blue/purple/pink/green-ish celestial eyes. I've also been watching this really cute version of the Nutcracker and when I think of it parts of the movie has inspired my dream too.

Well here goes my dream, I'll tell it as best I can. This is from my perspective.

* * * * *

What happened... where am I? Someone had laid me down on a couch... I raised the thick blankets off of myself so I could get up. My head hurts so bad, it's radiating from my eyes... had I been crying? There was a mirror on the other side of the room, I need to look at myself. I stood up... seeing the tattered white dress jogged my memory. I was about to be announced to the public... my mother and father, the king and queen of the moon, stood up and began to announce my name when... My image became clearer as I came closer to the mirror. What had happened?

My hair, which had been fixed and pinned in pearls, hung every which way. Most people of the moon have platinum or light colored hair, but they always told me I was special. My hair was made up of pastel shades of green, purple, pink, and blue. It usually shone as bright as the moon.... but it was dull. My makeup had been smeared from crying.. I wiped it as best I could with my sleeve. I searched my eyes for any memory of what happened... Father announced my name to the crowd, I stepped out and greeted them. Everyone came into the ballroom for the traditional waltz... we were beginning the ceremonies... I gasped as the memories flooded back to me quickly. I could only remember parts of it... but someone attacked the kingdom. I remember fire spreading quickly. Mother and I ran down the once beautiful halls and hid in a secret room. She said something to me... I don't know I might have blacked out. I awoke again and she was gone? But the kingdom had collapsed.... there was a dark figure standing above me.

I also heard someone yelling at me.... a man I have never seen before. His hand stretched out for me through the wall. The dark figure grabbed me before I could go to this warrior... I some how got out of his arms and handed the warrior my crystal necklace, "Keep this, please, keep it safe." He grabbed it... thunder roared and the dark figure grabbed me once more.... then my memory stopped.

Sticky tears rolled down my cheeks... was I all that is left of the moon kingdom? I turned from the mirror and faced this dimly lit room. It smelled musty... the room contained pictures and tapestries on the walls. There was some sort of painting on the ceiling but I can't tell what it is... I need a way out. I focused my energy and produced an orb of light from my hand... I searched the walls for some sort of window... the tapestries were heavy but I managed to turn them over.. nothing but solid wall. But now that I notice, there isn't a door. All of a sudden a huge pressure came over me... I sunk down to the ground, it was hard to breathe. Would I ever be able to escape from this place? I heard a snicker from the shadows... I cowered into the corner.. the light I had made disappeared as fear took over me.

"Please, I would love to see your power." The voice seemed to surround me... how was I going to protect myself. I don't know what to do. I held my arms up to my chest... "Who knew the spirit of the moon would be so easy to over take." I saw a foot come out of the darkness and into the dim light. I squeezed my eyes shut... spirit of the moon? Is that what my mother told me? Her words came flooding into my head.. "The moon gave you life, the moon and you are one in the same you must...." I opened my eyes as I rose to my feet. The cashmere voice belonged to the man who was now standing right in front of me. His eyebrow raised as I stared him down. "What do you want with me?" my voice cracked and he smiled at this. His dark hair glinted in the light.. his clothing was dark I couldn't make him out clearly. He didn't say a word, I took a step towards him but he disappeared. "I want revenge." His voice was in my ear.. I could feel his breathe on my neck. It was cold, it sent shivers down my back. My eyes welled up with tears.. I searched for a way out.. I felt a hand on my shoulder... I searched the walls frantically. If only there was more light... wait.

I concentrated my power and tried to calm my spirit, my legs started shaking... I let out a flash, the room lit up brightly.. a door! I was a bit curious so I turned my head around as I started running for it. The dark haired man had on a green cape and a leather suit. His green eyes were furious. I heaved my body forward to the door, I grabbed the golden knob, turned it, and flung my body out into a quiet hallway. I've never seen such a place as this... the ceilings were so high it seemed like they went into space. There was a candle every once in a while hanging from the walls.. I ran as hard as I could, slapping my feet down on the cold marble floors... hearing footsteps behind me. This hall is never ending.. my body wants to give up but I can't. I push my legs against their will. I finally find myself into an empty and grand room.. staircase. This has to be the entrance.. there has to be a door to the outside below.. I ran down the staircase.. tripping at the bottom. My body flew every which way... my legs were over my head, my hair tangled, and the tattered dress whipped until I stopped at the bottom. I couldn't move until my head stopped spinning, but wait... how did he beat me? I touched my face, I busted my lip and the blood was trickling off of my chin.

"Now this was unnecessary." He came towards me and crouched down. He opened up his jacket and took out some sort of handkerchief, however as he came closer to my face, I slapped his hand out of the way. He looked shocked and I know my face was terrified. The silence echoed in my head. I searched for the right words as I stared into his deep green eyes. "I'm not afraid... of you." I leaned away from him... he took a moment. Analyzing me. He laughed as he looked down into his hands... then he snapped his face back up, this time it was blue and his eyes were red.. red as blood. He screamed right into my face. Time stopped in that instant.. I couldn't move, his scream consumed me. My body froze or was it being frozen? It had gotten cooler... everything was freezing around me. His hungry eyes starred me down.

"If you leave, I will kill you." He stood up, regaining his complexion, and disappeared up the staircase. I didn't even bother to watch him disappear... I looked at my hands, they were covered in blood from my lip. I noticed that I haven't even taken a breath yet, I was still shocked. As I managed to take a breath, I heaved.. I didn't have the strength to cry anymore. I ripped a piece of cloth off my dress and pressed it on my lip. Ice was around me.. I touched it, it was colder than anything I have ever felt.. Who was this man? What did he plan on doing with me? I looked around to make sure I was alone.. there was a chandelier that hung way above my head, I closed my eyes and projected light into it. It was grand and lit up the whole room with a shimmery moonlight light. This whole place seemed like it hadn't been lived in in years.

There was some sort of chairs and tables, but it was covered by sheets. Paintings hung on the walls and were on the floor.. there were plenty of cobwebs and dust. I found my way to my feet.. should I just give up all hope? The only thing I know how to do is give things light... what good is that? I didn't dare climb the staircase.. I found another door downstairs. I tapped it open.. it lead to another hallway. I left the safety of the light in the main room and walked down the emptiness.

It looked like the hallway above, but different. I opened a door that lead to an empty room. Door after door lead to rooms without windows. I came to the last door, twisted the stubborn knob, and pushed it open. There was a bed that was covered in sheets, a full length mirror, a night stand that had a brush, a bowl for water.... closet. I stepped over a chair and hurried to the closet, wishing for clothes. I flung the doors open to find a couple of dresses.. is this what he wants? Whatever the case might be, I do need to get into something else. I looked at the tattered dress... it was now a bit revealing. I plucked a white simple dress of the hanger and threw it on quickly. The air was cold, it gave me goosebumps from head to toe. The new dress hung down to my knees, was gathered at the waist, and was very simple. I looked at my hair in the mirror, all the once vivid colors were almost grey... I'm being kept away from the moon on purpose. Then it hit me.. If no one is there to watch over it, the Earth, it will be in trouble. I grabbed the brush and brushed the curls back into place. I starred at my face... I looked tired and now I had a huge lip. Thankfully it had stopped bleeding.. I found a ribbon and tied my hair back into a low pony tail, the curls were bouncing down to my lower back. This will have to do.

I searched for something I could use to defend myself... nothing. I could use the powers from the crystal... but I gave it to that warrior. He seemed trusting, I mean, he was trying to help me. I opened the nightstand drawer, nothing. Maybe I could find something in another room.. I tip toed to the door and peaked down the long dark hallway. Nothing. It was so quiet all I could hear was my heart beat. I didn't bother to close the door behind me as I made my way down the narrow hall. In fact, the doors I had opened earlier were slightly cracked, except for one. I looked up and down the hallway for any signs.. nothing. I turned the door knob slowly and slowly pushed the door open, I stopped when it creaked. I sucked in a quick breath of air.. I pushed it a little more, just enough to let me in. I turned and closed the door all the way. I sighed and put my back up against the door and realized... windows. The whole wall was made out of windows. I ran up to them, not caring how much noise I made. It was dark and snowy outside.. was I on Earth? Could I see the moon? I searched frantically. Nothing lit up the dark sky.. I sunk down against the wall. So many things ran through my head, what should I do?

My train of thought was abruptly interrupted by a tapping on the window above my head. I peered out.. it was a dark abyss. I started back to explore the room and the tapping came again. I jumped. I walked slowly back to it.. how do I open this window? I looked for a handle or a lock.. I pushed up on it and slowly the wind came dancing into the room. I got it open all the way, snow flurries and wind rushed past me. Just my imagination I guess. I looked around the room for anything but this room was empty of all things. Just one more place before I leave this room, a red tapestry at the end of the room. I hit it expecting for a wall to be behind it but to my surprise I stumbled a bit into a side room. There was an old gramophone sitting on a tall table. I wheeled it out so I could go further into the room. There was a cabinet but the drawers wouldn't open. I stood there... out of frustration I kicked it. And kicked it. And kicked it!! Uhhhh.....

*piano starts playing* My head snapped back to the opening of the tapestry. "Who's there?" I did not want another encounter.. I grabbed a small chandelier and held it out in front of me. I grabbed for the red velvet and slowly opened it back to the empty room. However it wasn't so empty, there were waltzing couples everywhere. The room was beautiful, breathtaking. Flying buttresses, laughter in the air, the smells of baked goods. Was I only dreaming? I'm home.. "Princess Celestia" my father stood on his throne, then the center of attention was on me. I looked down.. I was still in the plain dress, it was a dream.. or perhaps an illusion? "Please dance for us." "Yes Princess, we love your dancing." I was confused, I tried to push my way up to talk to my father, but I ended up being encircled by the crowd. They started to chant "dance, dance, dance" I just wanted to cry.. the room fell silent. The orchestra sat straight up, the conductor cleared his voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, princess, The waltz of the Snowflake." He turned and held his arms up, and started the first measure. The orchestra played it softly as the crowd looked on. "Please I must, I need to see my father." They were mindless... "Dance for us." I knew that voice all to clearly.

I froze, sighed, and started in fourth position. I held my arms out in front of me and began to dance. I spun, and leaped, and twirled. The onlookers started to fade into the darkness.. I closed my eyes. I felt the moon close, I wished for it with all my might... I could hear it calling for me.. if only I could reach it. "Get down." I opened my eyes and noticed I was in mid air. I began to fall, however there was a glow around me, my hair was actually back to its normal self. I connected with the moon. When I realized this I began to float softly to the ground. I didn't say anything.. I didn't break any rules he made for me.

He was leaning against a pillar, as he walked into the room the glorious images faded back into a dark empty room. "Funny thing what the frost will do to you." I looked around and the room was filled with snow.. he walked over to the window and closed it. I stood there looking down at my feet, I could barely feel them. Everything went silent... I was waiting for something.. to be hit, to be screamed at? What is his objective? A pair of dark shoes met my feet, my heart was pounding... I slowly looked up at him. He raised his hand and I flinched back. He snickered, "Princess Celestia my name is Loki son of Odin." He bowed, though I still held myself back.. I looked for the way out, the door, I took this moment and ran for it. "Where are you going..." he blasted the door before me and it became a solid piece of ice. "I think I shall have this dance.." The music started up again, but on a sombre note. I stood in my place. He's toying with me.

I folded my arms as he came towards me. He held his hand out, I starred at it. He smiled and took another step closer, it was another reaction. I couldn't control it. I felt my arms move on their own, they flew out in front of me to push him away however my arms went right through him and before I could take in what just happened, he grabbed my hands and started to dance. I looked down at my reflection in his armor piece, it was a simple gold breast plate like object... I couldn't look into his eyes or speak, I didn't want to be here, he smelled like cologne and leather.... "I've never had such beautiful light in my life." He spinned me around and caught my hand again. We were creating a dent in the snow by this time..  as we waltzed around the room I mustered up the strength, looked into his eyes, and opened my mouth, "What do you want with me?" I stopped, although he still had my hands...

"Each minute you're away from the moon, it grows closer to the Earth." As he said this his face grew closer to mine. "I want revenge. I want the planet to suffer as much as I did and if I get rid of the moon's spirit, Earth's destruction will be inevitable. Though I find it sad to end such a wonderful thing.. it has to be done." He let go of my hands and grabbed a piece of my hair which was glowing like moonlight... What do I do.. he's going to kill me. I need to distract him... I panicked. If he was going to kill me he's going to do it now, we're in his element, the snow and frost. Without thinking I threw my arms around his neck and myself against him, my lips met his. His face was cold against mine... I could tell he didn't know what to do in this situation. I leaned back and looked into his tear filled eyes and I gathered all my strength and threw a huge ball of light in his eyes. That would buy me sometime.. I ran and threw my body against the door until the ice broke, I flung it open.

The hallways were filled with snow... I couldn't feel my feet or legs anymore. Was the hallway longer? Was Loki behind me... the door to the foyer with the staircase was frozen as well.. I tried to bang on it, but I had used up all my remaining strength. "Please! Please! Help me, anyone..." I didn't expect a response but one I got. "Back away from the door!" I backed a few feet away, searching the empty hall for my demise... "Please hurry!!" At that moment the door was smashed into pieces by a hammer... the warrior from before was there. Tears fell from my eyes.. I didn't know who he was or where he came from, but anywhere has to be better than here. "Celestia?" I nodded. "Come with me." I took his hand and followed him into the grand foyer.. which was filled with three other, odd, people.

"Brother.." Loki was out of the doorway as we reached the door to the outside.. "you cannot foil my plans this time." The warrior reached inside his armor and from there he pulled out my necklace. "I believe this belongs to you." He placed it into my hands. I held onto tightly.. this could possibly be the only thing I have left of home. "Ma'am, we need to get you back to the moon." A friendly smile greeted me and ushered me to the door. I looked back at the two ready to fight.. I looked at Loki.. his face was saddened.

The man took me into some sort of machine, that began to lift off.. I closed my eyes and a tear rolled down my cheek. It was silent all but the sound of the blades.. What was I to expect when I got home.. was I going to be alone.... I know my thoughts could be read on my face. "Princess," ... "hm?" I know I was being rude but I didn't even turn to look at him.. the one they call Captain America. He laughed, "I didn't even know there were people on the moon.. but whatever the damage is.. we will fix it." I looked at him and smiled.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

WHAT?! I know I'm so crazy. Like... why would I dream of these things! It makes me giddy and now when I look at Loki I'm like whatasdfjklgiddy! That song in the youtube video was the one in my dream that we waltzed to... how can you waltz to that?! ROFFLE XD XD WHAT IS LIFE?!

SO: I cannot wait till our get together, super hero, movie party! AH!

And I miss you guys so much. I wanna see your faces D:

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