Monday, October 3, 2011

Five more weeks..

I need to fix my yellow hair ties.
New gloves.
Blue contacts.

Hair extensions.
Pink hair bows x 2
Brown eyes.

Super Sailor Moon:
White leotard
Blue contacts
Fix the evil pain in the butt wig.

Luffy D. Monkey:
Red vest w/gold buttons
Hat with red trim
Blue jeans

Tensa Zangetsu:
Black/White fabric
Black Wig
Black pants
Black boots
Blue contacts

And I need to get my butt in gear. Izumicon is almost here, it seems far away but it really isn't. So um I need some cosplay work days.. does anyone wanna help me? Haha, I just have a couple of questions that's all. I got a couple of things done today, ordered wigs and boots, bought gloves. Yada yada. I need to help with my wig problems and what not.

Most importantly I need to get crackin' on my art work! >:D

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