Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Things I still need to buy:
Black gloves (Videl)
Gloves (Sailor Moon)
White extensions?
Pink Ribbon Bows
White leotard
Fabric (Sailor Moon)
Red vest w/gold buttons (Luffy)
Blue jeans
Black Wig
Tensa Zangetsu cosplay

So I've decided that in 5 weeks there's no way I could pull off making this Tensa Zangetsu cosplay, therefore I'm going to order it off the internet and through, which they have some really nice cosplay there. Yes it is about $125 but I was figuring that after we bought the fabric white and black, it'd probably be around the same. And I'm not the one actually buying it, he is. XP I just need to make sure it'll come in time.

Haha, did I freak you guys out? Yes ma'am and sirs, five more weeks. I have some art that I'm going to use for the table I just need to fix the problems, detail them, and learn how to color.. Cheryl will you teach me how to color on the computer? :D

Rhiannon is having a baby boy! She found out today, they are going to name him Eli Christoper. I can't wait to see him! Eeek!

Sigh, I have 30 minutes till my next and only class starts. Thank goodness it's almost the weekend. I don't have a test for a while too so I can devote most of my time to cosplay and art. Yes! I am so excited about this convention. It's a small one and all of our awesome friends are going to be there! Everyone is gonna be there, like our whole circle! Yes ma'am!

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