Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm sorry, but I've secretly been emo recently. Sigh and this stupid HP touch pad correcting me every single second is really ticking me off. Haha. I've been watching Dragon Ball Z this evening lol though I think I'm either about to change it to Sailor Moon Stars or go to bed. Sailor Moon Stars always makes feel better, it's so sad and sappy.

I guess it's the stresses of cosplay, especially who I am cosplaying... You know fitting the image. I've actually been having a hard time lately with my self image. I think after this semester I'm gonna get a trainer or gym membership or something....

And work! Drama llama, so much drama and gossip. It will wear you down even if you're not involved. And how some people can treat little kids! Insane.

So tomorrow we're (hopefully) gonna get table things straightened out and cosplay stuff done, like my pitiful wig. Then I have to do the kiddos laundry and I'm totally getting paid for it! Huzzah, that money is going straight to my savings for lolita dress, just in case that vendor shows up at Izumicon! :D

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  1. It's okay honey, I know how you're feeling. I'm sort of nervous about doing Sailor Jupiter in the future too, the really girly, form fitting or showing skin sort of cosplays scare me considering I'm not too fond of my self image either.

    However, cosplay is ALSO about having fun and just embracing that role of the character and truly living in the moment. Sometimes I think we all get too competitive with cosplay amongst other people, comparing ourselves and what not, and it brings us down a lot more than it should. I mean, I know it does that to me; I compare myself tons to other cosplayers, especially if they're cosplaying the same one as me. It's hard NOT to; we think the best way to fit the character and "become" the character is to be as tall/slender/thin/pretty or whatever as the character, or at least BETTER than the best cosplayer.

    But that's not true! It's all about just having fun and being with friends, and achieving something truly worth being proud of; making your own cosplays or modifying them, or having exceeding confidence to be the best you can be. Cosplay has benefited us all greatly in the sense of gaining confidence and working hard to be rewarded with compliments and fans, haha. Which we always end up getting.

    You are beautiful, Mattie! In every way, shape and form. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I know, I know, it's hard to have someone else tell you that; when people tell me that I'm just like, corny and awkward and kind of don't believe them and brush it off. But if you REALLY saw yourself how we see you, you'd understand :3 You're going to rock this Sailor Moon cosplay, I just know it! And you'll truly be a princess. <3

    I love you Mattie!