Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I went to the dentist today and I found out that I have two cavaties. Boo. I know, but they're my first ever cavaties, I've never had any before. And I need to floss, I went in knowing that I needed to. Man, was he digging into my gums.. they still hurt two hours later.

They took out my closet yesterday! Now my room is one big square! It looks bigger than before, I am so excited to re-decorate it! I also get to decorate my new bigger closet! Ahhhh! So excited.

My white extensions are coming in today, the tracking system said so. That means once I get that braided into my white wig, I'm done with Sophie and I'll only have Sailor Moon to work on! Minus minor things that I have to do so that my cosplay will be ready to go! Yay I love it when things start going right.

Mannnnn next weekend my professor is giving us our take home test.. it's going to be so hard. Hopefully I can get it done before the weekend so I have enjoy my time at Cheryl's Halloween bash. But school, I'm doing really well in. It's exciting for once... and I can't really complain. Things are totally sticking in my brain, I could totally explain Glycolysis for you if you wanted. Haha. XD

I've gained a couple of pounds back and it has just made me wanna attack. I've been letting myself eat out of control whether it's out of boredom or stress, probably both. So I'm going to start a routine and I'm getting back on my health kick -mounts soapbox- and I'm going to eat right. I need more self control and a CAN-DO attitude. Because I can do this. :D

Fall Break! Yeeeyeahh, although it doesn't really effected. Well I do get to work all day both days, so I will get more money in the long run. But still. Haha, I cannot wait till Thanksgiving break (after Izumicon) not only will I have less school but we're staying in town! Huzzah for not having to travel. That's totally exciting.

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