Monday, October 24, 2011


100th blog! -throws confetti-

I was reading a thread over on Gaia and it was about cosplayers, the whole weight issues and races issues. Some people can be big jerks. I know I shouldn't listen but it's hard. It kinda hurts. XP

I'm almost done with my Sophie wig, errr, it's be evil. I wish Izumicon would be here already. I'm also ready for this semester to be over too. Come on' December! lol

I had a bank scare but I figured it out. I deposited my check Saturday and it doesn't go in until tonight. Phew, I freaked out. Super stressed. XP

Mmmm, I need to leave for school in 8 minutes but I don't wannna. We get our take home test this weekend, I hope it'll boost my grade up to a B. I got an 88 on my last test, yeeeyeah. I am going to have a B in this class, I swear it! lol

So all I really need to do now is make my Sailor Moon suit... Cheryl will you still help me? And get my drawings together. So much to do! Ahhh this weekend is going to stink, so busy. But I'm ready to party. :D

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