Saturday, October 29, 2011

Isn't anyone looking for me?

My brain is fried. XP

I had a weird dream last night and it kind involved our dinner party... We we're all in like huge ball gowns, beautiful white/gold gowns, and decorated with beautiful jewels. All the ladies had the feather in the hair, curls falling down, white gloves and all the gents were in tuxedos with tales and pocket handkerchiefs. We were all wearing masks, there were more people there than last night and I don't know who they all were, there were probably 30 or so people at the party in my dream. Cheryl's backyard was lit, though it was more like a huge victorian garden,  it was beautiful. All the trees were lit up, there were fountains, and lit pathways. The table was giant and grand, it was covered in candles and roses. It was cold like it was last night. The food was heartwarming too. After dinner, there was a twinkling pavilion where couples danced to a small orchestra. It was magical. Though I didn't have an accompaniment and it seemed like I was the only one, so I took a stroll through the garden. When I finally reached the back Meghan and Cheryl came to find me, I remember turning around with a tear streaming down my face, hair had fallen down (which it was long :D). "What's wrong?" ....
"Isn't anyone looking for me?" Then I picked up my dress, stepped over the lighted pathway, and ran into the darkness.

Hahaha so much of this resembles what we were talking about and joking around with. XD

I can't wait to have my room back to myself... siggggh. Back to the test. Looks like I'm not going to be done with it till Monday. 


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  1. Mattie.... ;_; *hugs* I love you! Mattie, there is someone looking for you. An amazing sweet Christian guy is looking for you. You, who are an amazing sweet kind beautiful Christian girl. God will send him to you some day when you least expect it. You are so amazing Mattie.

    And man! that sounds like such a beautiful dream!! *_* you always have the best dreams!!