Saturday, September 3, 2011

When you finish a dream, start a new one.

Cheryl and I watched Tangled and that was probably my favorite "lesson you take away from the movie." I love that movie, it's so cute. And dark... XD

Today was a lazy yet crazy Saturday. I took the kids out for a couple of hours and ever since I got back I've been kinda just...uhhh. I feel like I'm having a panic attack because:

a. I don't wanna do school work but I know I must.
b. I'm not feeling creative and I really wanna draw. But I hate what's coming out.
c. I'm in a weight rut.
d. I'm tired.

So I think I'm going to go jump in the pool. I think that'll cure most of what I'm feeling. Ahh, Peter Pan in like, 15 more days. I'm so excited! I hope it's magical. WAIT, it's going to be, haha. Oh and today I bought some pretty dresses from Goodwill that I wanna fix up.. but I'm gonna need help. One could totally make an amazing lolita dress! I'm so happy about that too!

Tomorrow at church we're having a picnic and we're bringing dessert. SO I need to go get baking those cookies! lol


  1. I love you, Mattie!

    Sable brought up a lovely awesome idea... Disney Princesses LOLITA :D We could each be a different Disney princess, with a unique twist by making it lolita. I thought it sounded super cute and super fun. <3

    Don't let stuff get ya' down girlie! I know that's easier said than done; school is really sending me into panic attacks too, but I'm trying to face it and take it down step by step >o< Sometimes starting is the hardest part, but once you're through it, your'e golden. :)


  2. Ooooh! That would be fun, let's do it. Lolita princesses! <3

    I'm just freaking out because it's just reading. I don't get homework, we only have tests, it freaks me out. I'm not good at reading the text book. But yes, I need to suck it up and start or I never will and I'll be in a worse-er boat. -dies-


  3. Ugghh, I don't blame you, I hate reading too without any sort of application to further help me study D': But, you're really smart Mattie, you can do it! :'D <3 *hugs*

  4. Mattie!!! I love you! You are so amazing! And Im praying for you! ^___^ <333

    And thank you soooo much for watching Tangled with me!! I love that movie! ^^ I love that moral of the movie too, finding a new dream after you have accieved your first one. ^^ Its so great! Im so proud of you for always going after your dreams even when things get hard.