Monday, September 19, 2011

"You showed me dreams, I wished they'd turn in to real."

What an intense video, right? Haha. After I finish paying off my school bill I'm gonna start getting/doing things for cosplay. For Sailor Moon I need to get gloves, material to finish my suit, red boots and I think that's about it. AH! And help with my retarded wig lol.

The Sailor Moon manga is being re-published by Kodansha Comics which is super exciting. I hope they go all the way through the series, till the end! That's going to be a lot of manga.. I have my b-day and Christmas planned for a good couple of years! Haha!

I have a good outlook right now.. though come Wednesday I probably won't, that's my first test. But deep breaths in and out, I think I'm prepared. There are a couple of things I need to go over though. Sigh, but I'm keeping my chin up.

I need to start running or join a class. But the pay cut I took with school going back in session is really killing me, my check is like half. It really stinks, haha. And now that I think about it, I'm kinda glad that I'm not going to school next semester. And when I talked to my parents about it they actually needed someone to help out with the kids while Rhiannon is having her baby in February. I know God has a plan for everyone's life and I know He'll take care of me. I need to put more faith in Him. I need to give it all to Him. He is good and He'll never let me fall.

I kinda wanna make butterfly wings. This picture is from the end of her transformation. I know she doesn't really have wings, but comeon' wings would be so much fun. Haha! Check out that amazing Howl I found! So beautifullllllll. And I was thinking for Izumicon just doing: Videl, Sophie, and hopefully Sailor Moon. I know I shouldn't be like I need to loose weight for Sailor Moon, but it's kinda my motivation. I'm not talking anything drastic, but I would like to loose 20 more pounds before Izumicon, that isn't a lot and I would really just love to target my thighs and arms. I need someone to push me, to kick my butt, will you yell at me? Haha, I need it. lol

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