Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'll think of a mermaid lagoon, underneath the full moon."

Yes ma'am, two more weeks till Peter Pan. From exactly right now, we'll have already seen an hour and thirty minutes of it! GASP, I cannot believe it's almost here. I'm so excited ladies! :D It's going to be so magical.

I'm waiting on people to make up their minds on movie plans... uhh, my sister takes too long in deciding on things. And if my mum and her don't hurry up I think I might just go by myself.

Today was BEAUTIFUL weather. I love this kind of weather, it's so amazing and nice. I walked out of the house this morning for church and though "I could wear a sweater... but I'm not going to!" lol. Thank God for the rain as well, it was much needed and appreciated. What a wonderful Sunday it has been too! A good Sunday nonetheless. :D

I was playing with my Sailor Moon wig.. which I need to fix lol, and I totally wanna do Rapunzel now.

I would probably do the braided hair version, of course. That'd probably be a lot easier to pull off and easier with the wig situation! lol Let's do a princess cosplay group! :D
Tomorrow the new episode of Adventure Time and all the sexes are switched, Finn is Fionna and Jake is Cake, and Princess Bubblegum is Prince Bubblegum, etc. It's gonna be good! lol 
P.S. Today was a much better day. I didn't get anything done, but it was much better. <3

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  1. Mattie! you would make the best rapunzel ever! Seriously! I thought that through out the whole movie! You are so much like her. ^^ and WAAAHH!! Peter Pan!!! <33333 :D I cant wait! >w< and I love this weather too!! ^^