Sunday, August 19, 2012

You made it so sweet.

Till' I woke up on the concrete.

As over played as it is, this is probably one of my favorite Katy Perry songs. And I ABSOLUTELY love this video as well.

Alright, to describe Maryland in two words: green and wet. Bwhaha, okay to describe Maryland in two better words: romantic and busy.

Romantic: Because it is very green here. There are tons of trees, I mean their backyard is a nature trail. It's so beautiful. Some day I just wanna take a book out there and read all of it. When it's not raining. The old style buildings/houses are just gorgeous. It makes me wish I could go back in time and see everything how it was back in the day. Horse and buggy days to 1940's.

Busy: People are constantly going here. So far they are very rude too. And crazy drivers. rofl

I want to go off on one of the trails and fall down a rabbit hole and be swept away to a magical kingdom. Or follow a cat to a cat kingdom... or be swept away by a cute wizard that's voiced by Christian Bale. ROFL

Today we went to D.C. and got cupcakes from Sprinkles and DC (Georgetown) Cupcakes. The lady who founded Sprinkles is the judge from Cupcake Wars on TLC and DC cupcakes has their own TV show. So that was really cool to go see and do even though we got caught in the pouring rain! Actually the rain really cut down the lines, mwhaha. Though, seeing couples walking down together under umbrellas was bittersweet :/ 

Started to feel a bit lonely today. I haven't really laughed here... I mean I've used my fake laugh but I haven't had a gut busting laugh like I usually do and they don't really talk during meal time, it's different.. I guess I don't feel like I connect with em' much, because we're so different :( I miss my family, friends, and my room. Tomorrow is my first official day of work, let's see how this goes and school starts tomorrow boo. XP

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  1. *hugggs* Mattie, I love you. I miss you already too. :(

    But, Maryland will treat you well, I know it. It will seem weird and different right now; probably hard to feel like you belong, however, you'll make a way :) You'll shine to those around you and inspire others. You went from a busy, loud, fast-paced lifestyle that was right at home and your niche. But this will be good for you. Maybe a quieter lifestyle will help you focus on school and open up opportunities to do other things.

    We're always here for you, a phone call, text or IM away. :) We love to dearly! <3