Monday, August 27, 2012

New day.

The sun was still nestled behind the horizon, I secretly wished it would stay there so I could lie here a little more longer. I kept my eyes closed and watched my dreams waltz around me. In this moment I was warm, safe, content. I could smell breakfast wafting up from underneath the door frame. I took a deep breath in. But..... I felt like something was burning on the left side of my face....  I giggled and opened my eyes as I turned my head sharply. My sister, Meghan, lay there staring right into my eyes. Her long, dark brown, curly hair flowed around her face and danced quietly on the pillow underneath her. In that moment we both laughed, over what, who knows.

Though this caused our youngest sister to throw us both out of the bed. "It's bad enough I have to share a room with you two, but a bed is too much. I wish you two could sleep out in the stables..." she muttered on and rolled over covering her head with her hands. We watched her as she didn't move again, today was going to be a long day. I sat there quietly on the cool unforgiving wood floor. I felt a hand touch my shoulder.. "Everything's going to be alright." Meg whispered into my ear. I had got so lost in thought that my face turned sad. I didn't want her to worry so I smiled again, "It is, isn't it?" We helped each other back onto our feet, it was almost like a mirror, her and I. Though Meg is a bit taller and her hair is much darker we have much of the same facial features. I, however, got our father's auburn hair and our mother's short height. Both of our hair was a huge curly mess that consumed our faces.

"Girls, hurry up!" A shrill voice echoed from the other room. Three sighs slipped out of our mouths. Time to start the day. "Onna you better get a move on, the sun is going to rise." I patted the last sister still in bed. I walked over to our small dresser in our small room and pulled out my favorite blue dress. Meg had sat down in front of the mirror and started to tame her mane. Onna was sitting up in bed as she read a few pages out of her book. As I finished pulling the navy blue dress over my head, I took in my, perhaps, last memories of this. Our room was small, but cozy. There are two windows covered in creme lace that face the pond outside. A few paintings hung on the walls, done by another sister. The walls were red and trimmed in brown wood. A beautiful carpet lay in the middle of the floor. Onna was folding our quilts one by one.. why must growing up be so difficult.

"Girls, we're waiting on you!" The second alarm made our trio jump. I quickly threw my hair into a bun as I helped lace up Onna's forest green dress. Meg was finished and on her way out, I pushed Onna out of the door, looking back to make sure everything was in order, I closed the door. Behind my other two sisters, I made my way down the dark hallway and towards the light, the warm smells. After our eyes adjusted to the light we were greeted by our mother, eldest brother, and other two sisters. We each grabbed a plate and sat down in our routine place, starting idol chit chat.

Once we were in our places, our mother raised her hands to quiet us. "Now that we are all gathered. I need to announce some things." We were all at the table, in our dining room... with the fire place roaring. The whole room was done in very earthy tones. Very warm. I stopped everything I was doing, dropped my fork and stared at my mother. "I invited Davin over for breakfast... but Emily could not attend. The baby is sick." Our brother nodded, "The doctor said it wasn't serious." I could tell he was keeping some information away from us all. "Yes, well we do wish them both well. More importantly, we need to discuss the heir situation." She stopped to take a breath. Really? Now? Was Davin going to kick us out... that was the rumor ever since father died months ago. The five of us girls turned from Davin and back to our mother and back to Davin.

"Davin, you are kicking your own family out of their only home?" The eldest sister rose out of her seat. Her light brown hair was done perfectly. A strand, curled, fell down her shoulder and rested on her collar bone. Her skin was fair and her eyes piercing. The light blue dress she wore draped over her and flowed as she took her stance. "Cheryl, that is no way to speak to your brother." The mother sounded weak, wounded. Cheryl looked at her mother, confused, she slowly sunk back into her chair. "Aunt Rose is going to let us live with her in London for the time being. Girls after breakfast we need to get packed and get going." She left the room, at this point in tears. No one said a word. The crackling of the fire filled up the empty space. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes and I did not dare to look around at the others... that would only cause me to cry more. Ever since father's illness, Davin had been acting strangely... I had hoped it wasn't true..

I didn't want to finish breakfast. I closed my eyes as Meg and Onna, the two I was sitting closest to, held each of my hands and I theirs. The table rattled as someone jumped out of their seat, "If anyone, why would you do this to mum? After all she has gone through, after all she has done for you and Emily." The new voice sounded like it was pacing. I opened my eyes in time to see our second eldest sister, Sable, exit the room after mum. Her dark auburn hair billowed in the wind created by the opening door, her brown dress followed the same motion as she exited. One by one we all left, not even touching the breakfast laid down before us. Not too long, it was just Davin, Cheryl, and I. I stared into my hands. I wanted so much to stand up to him like my other sisters, but I was too afraid. What could I say, the second to youngest, that would make him change his mind? I felt like most of my siblings and mother tried to ignore me most of the time... I was the one who looked mostly like our father. I was a reminder. I slowly got up from our, once happy family, table. I turned before heading out.. "Davin, whatever you do, please don't sell our home." Tears began to fall, pour, down my face as I ran out the front door.

The sun was just beginning to peak its head over the horizon. The fog was thick on the ground. It smelled damp and like dirt. Steam was rising off of the pond and the roosters were crowing. Announcing the dawn of the new day... rather announcing a dawn of a new life. Starting all over in London.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

More to come ;D
Totally our mum is the same one from Pride and Prejudice and funny how it turned out to be the same amount of daughters :3 


  1. AWWWW OMG THAT'S AMAZING :D we're all sisters! /dies of happiness


  2. Mattie, You have the best dreams!!! SERIOUSLY! :D I agree with Meghan I want more! I'm so enraptured! :DDDD and wahhh! I'm so happy we are all sisters! I feel like we are all anyway. ;) hehe and I feel so inspired now! I want to draw us all like how you described in your dream! ^_^