Friday, August 24, 2012

My heart is breaking.


My emotions right now can be explained by a few words: hot men, cotton candy, holding hands, butterflies in stomach, girlie, silly.

I don't know the whole story but here it goes. Story version: the guy who acts as Peter Pan at Disney Land met the girl who acts as Wendy/Alice. Well they got married. IT IS SOOOOO CUTE! I was creeping/stalking them on the internet and found pics and stuff. Ohmaigawsh, I squealed and giggled and did all those girl things. It gives me hope though. Why? Because girls:


And although waiting sucks.... I should know. All I have to do is wait for the right guy. But in the mean time I need to make myself better for that person because I know he's doing the same for me.

Next weekend we're going to New Hampshire to see John's parents... well so Greyson (the baby) and see his grandparents. His Nana is like eighty four or so and she has heart problems. So they really wanted her be able to see him. I'm excited, I mean I'm not related and don't know anyone, haha, Michelle asked if I wanted to go or stay here. I mean I have nothing else better to do and who knows if I'll ever come back to the east coast in my lifetime, why not!

Tomorrow I really want to go look at some vintage shops. It's like my day off and what not. And I think that's what I'ma do. Right after I find out where the mailbox is. I need to mail off mai letters ;D

I was walking the dogs today on one of the trails and this teenage couple was walking together and OF COURSE the dogs start barking at them and I was like "Sorry, heh". They really kind of started at me and the girl was like "Oh my god." I felt really judged... I was in black stretch pants, big tee, and my hair was pulled back. It made me feel really self conscious. Why are people rude?

I miss you guys so much, like you don't even know it. I don't feel like I really have anyone here to talk to.. I mean, I don't. Sometimes when I'm talking to Michelle, I feel like she isn't really listening. It makes me sad. And being here with TWO DOCTORS makes me feel stupid. I wish I had someone here with me :/

 Peter and Wendy's wedding :')

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  1. UGGGH MY HEART IS BREAKING TOO-- that's so freaking adorable. <3 <3

    Those two are just too precious. I want to go to Disneyland now to meet them, tee hee.

    I love you dear, and I miss you terribly too :'( Our group feels incomplete! I wish I had enough saved up and then a weekend to go visit you. that'd be so amazing! How awesome would that be if Cheryl, Sable and I came up to see you?? Gah! Epic girls' weekend would commence. :)

    I'm glad you're not letting things get you too down though and you're finding positive things to look forward to. Your experience there will continue blossoming and being more of an adventure, I'm sure.

    Keep sending pics! I love seeing them :) Especially since you got yer new iPhone they're so crystal clear and purty <3

    I love you! Keep posting updates doll :)