Monday, August 20, 2012

Would you do anything for me?

"I usually just hook the leash through the blue harness... because her collar won't fit over the cone." Hmmm, okay... just a bit more. Yes, I got it. I can do this. I could hear her voice echo from the other room as she had left. I was ready for this. I have the leash, the ridiculous dog with the huge cone on its head, and the plastic baggie to pick up poop. So tedious.

As I opened the red painted door I was greeted by the smell of pine trees which drew me even more outside. I felt ridiculous walking down the steps as the fluffy white cone head of a dog led me, almost had me going at a trot. I walked her across the drive way and down the side walk. It was the usual dreary day, cloudy with a chance of rain. But any chance of getting out of the house was a great for me, even if it meant taking the dog out to potty. We got to a three way intersection: a path right ahead that lead straight down the street, the path behind me that went back to the house, or another one that lead up a hill into some trees. Why not go on an adventure, but even before I had made my decision the dog took me trotting up the hill.

The trees were so tall... and the thicket so... well thick. It really makes me wonder what lives inside, if anything. I stopped waiting for the dog to finally use the restroom but it takes her forever. She tried to smell everything which is impossible because of the cone that acts like a force field to everything. At this moment in time it starts to rain, a sprinkle actually. I curse myself for wearing flip flops and hurry the dog up the path under the trees that form sort of an umbrella. Should I wait it out? It should pass right over... Wrong. It picked up and started coming through our shelter. I stood there for a moment mulling of the decision of going home or going further into the dark wooded area.

I headed further into the trees away from the rain. Away from the house. Away from the noise. Just me, the coned dog, and the lonely path. I stopped again to see if the dog would use the bathroom again... nothing. The clouds blocking out the rain made it darker, which under neath the trees caused it to be even darker. Should I turn back and start going home? Rumbles came from above and the smell of earth came from below. I pressed on.

Searching for anything, for something. What was I looking for? Childishly I was hoping to run into some other dog walker, preferably cute, tall, dark headed. The rain pounded harder as I pushed on down the path... and I saw some sort of a clearing ahead. How romantic and shojo-ish would it be if something magical happened. My heart was pounding from the excitement I had built in my head. My shirt was getting drenched as I stepped into the green field as the rain pounded on my shoulders. I stopped.

The dog finally use the bathroom. Just me and the coned dog.

I looked around for a second and turned around. At this point I started into a jog, my flip flops clacking against the concrete path all the way back to the house.

*true story*

I can't wait till sweater wearing weather or until my hair grows out. I miss my long hair. 

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