Sunday, August 26, 2012


Pouring all day long. It never seems to cease. Curled up in a blanket watching movies as the smells of fall surround me. But I ripped myself away and volunteered to take the dogs out. Into the rain. Into the cold.

I threw on my teal rain jacket over my Adventure Time t-shirt and quickly stuffed my knee high red and heart socks into black and white striped rain boots. I knew I was styling. Rain boots and shorts are always the go to look, I laughed to myself.

The dogs already know this routine. First out of the front door, down the drive way, up the path, and into the forest. All I really need to do is hold the leash. I zipped up my jacket and prepared for the outdoors. I turned the red door's lock, opened it, turned the next door handle on the glass door, as the dogs ran ahead of me going out... I finally stepped out.

It's really quite, unlike any other day, no one was out. Only few cars sped by as we made our way down the sidewalk. There was a couple who walked opposite of us with their dogs. Mine started barking at them, "Sorry." I smiled and waved. They probably think I look as crazy as the dogs did, cone and all. I can't wait till she gets her cone off.

Someone had cut their lawn recently, it seems, all the grass cuttings were blown onto the sidewalk getting all over the dogs and I. Definitely will need a towel before going inside. I sighed to myself. I also got kind of out of breath as I made my way up the steep pathway that winds into the trees.

The dogs were off. They usually smell for the deer or rabbits that go through there. I found myself I small branch that hung over head. I know I'm wearing a rain jacket, but I still wanted more shelter from the rain. While the dogs did their business I took in my surroundings. This place is beautiful.

It smelled of dirt and ceder and pine. Everything around me is green. Alive and growing. The leaves seemed like they were dancing in the rain while their roots were drinking every drop. The flowers opened even wider to accept every blessing from the sky. As I scanned this small forest I noticed something I really never saw before. A small thicket.

I walked closer to it... It maybe was a tree covered in vines upon vines. But underneath it all it formed an umbrella, a small shelter. I, of course, was curious. Do I dare even try to go in? What if I end up falling, on my face, how would I explain that. I examined the opening closer... thorns. Yikes. What could be living in there.. probably like snakes and spiders. Hmm. What would I do with the dogs?

I was brought out of my daydreaming by their shrill barks. "I know, I know..." I started to walk back... glancing over my shoulder at the mysterious thicket. I started down the path when I thought to myself.. why not? What's it going to hurt? I hurried back up the pathway. Excited. I tied the dogs to a sturdy tree, pulled on the leash to make sure it wouldn't come un-done, perfect.

The rain had not let up and it didn't seem like it was going to. I was going to take my chances. I pushed aside a branch of bright greens leaves and with my other hand I grabbed a hold of a brown branch. I stepped on the thorns that tried to jump out and bite me, but not today. I smiled to myself... but next was the tricky part. Getting past all of the branch like vines. I started to snap them apart, one by one, stepping over them. Their cries echoed within the umbrella like space. I looked back and the dogs were right where I left them. Awesome. I could keep going.

One branch after another grabbed onto my clothing trying to keep me from discovering something, but what? As I tore the limbs out of my way, I noticed... them snapping back in place behind me. How could this..... I started to panic. I couldn't see the dogs anymore or hear the rain. The concrete path back to home, back to my safe place was gone. I stood in an in between place... I tried the break the branches that lead me back... but they it was like they were made of steel.

I tear of frustration escaped from the corner of my eye. Maybe I could break out of the other side, yes, that was it. I pushed forward, angry at this horrible tree. Angry at myself for being adventurous. I couldn't turn back now, literally.

The small tunnel of vines led me to the center of the thicket. An old tree stood in the middle. From the trunk of the tree spread it's branches out which formed the umbrella. From the outside it seemed not so far away but as I look back now, it took me forever to get here... the outside hidden away by green growth. It was warm... and no sign on rain. I peeled my rain coat off and threw it aside. I saw an opening on the other side... Yes! Hopefully the dogs haven't gotten of their leashes.. I made my way across the small shelter when I stopped. Something had caught my eye... a gleaming from inside the tree.

I cautiously walked to it.. should I put my hand in the hole? All I could think of were spiders or snakes. A bird from above squawked loudly.. I pulled my hand back and took my surroundings in. I searched for any dangers that could present themselves. All went silent.. it was just me and this trunk surrounded by branches and vines. I quickly shoved my hand in and out of the hole. My hand held something cold and hard, yet small.

A fierce gust of wind quickly blew right through the opening, knocking me into a wall of the thicket. I kept my hand held tightly as I hurried myself to the opening. The sun shown through it inviting me out of this damp place. As I stepped through the tunnel of snapping branches, I started to feel, odd. I peeled the vines out of my way and stepped onto the green grass. But where was the path?

Trees encompassed me everywhere... the dogs were gone, but even so were the houses. I turned to go back into the hole I came out of, but the whole thicket was gone. Where was I? My hand was clenched tightly to the item I pulled out of the tree... I was shocked by everything that I almost forgot. I slowly opened my hand to a gold heart shaped locket however it wouldn't open. I pried with my nails only to break my thumb nail. I shoved it into my pocket.

Maybe I was imaging things, maybe I just happened onto another part of this housing edition. Yeah, yeah an undeveloped part. I mean there are plenty of parks around here, those wildlife protection things. I headed out of the grass and not even within five minutes found a small dirt trail. I knew it. I wasn't lost. I'm sure the thicket just lead me to the other side and if I turn around the corner there would be the dogs and my way back home.

I stopped though. I took in this beautiful nature... flowers and their bright colors, trees that touched the heavens, and the larger butterflies that danced around it all. I smiled to myself. I continued to walk down the path when I began to hear noise and talking. I had made it back finally! I turned the corner only to be met face to face with a horse and blackness...

Surrounded in darkness. I can't remember a thing.. where am I?

I woke up suddenly remembering I had left the dogs tied to a tree. I sat up... where was I? It was a simple creme room, with a bed and a nightstand, one window. Did I fall? Did someone bring me back home? Was I home? I took off the warm blankets and sat my feet on the cold hardwood flooring. Why am I in a nightgown... I don't own one of these... Is this a sick joke. My stomach is reeling from the pain of my legs I as put pressure on them with each step. I stopped as I felt weight on my chest. The locket. Someone had put the locket on me. I peeked out of the door. The house was dark... I couldn't tell where I was. I was frightened. I stepped back to shut the door when the floor board creaked. I threw my hands over my mouth before I could let a gasp out.

In the next room over I heard some movement. I flew in between the wall and the bed as the door slowly opened. I couldn't tell who or what was coming in, but they held a candle as they did so. "Mattie are you awake?" I didn't recognize the voice... it had an accent to it. No one I knew. I didn't move a muscle or took a breath. The flickering flame came closer.. what should I do? I felt so stupid.. what if it was just one of them checking on me. I was frozen in my place. "Is she awake?" A more frantic delicate voice echoed in the darkness. This one was soft, and sing song like... It came towards the bed.. I could feel her pat the bed frantically.

"She's gone... she's gone. Not after she came back to us. We have to find her."

"Honey, are you sure she's not in bed? Mattie, dear......"

Why were they so worried? How did they know my name... Just then the flame was hovering over my head. I saw the eyes of two people I have never met in my life. A woman with graying brown hair that was kept up in a white bonnet, wearing a white nightgown covered up by a blue wrap, who had sad green eyes accompanied by an older gentleman wearing a brown long sleeve shirt and brown pants, though he had hazel eyes but held a sigh of relief.

This woman's hands reached for me. I did not understand... all I felt was pain. My legs grinded and sent pain up into my core. I screamed from the pain. What was happening to me? I cried out for my mom, she would know what to do, she's a nurse. The woman looked at me, sorrow across her face.

"I am your mother."

I stared back into her eyes. No she's not... the sun began to rise, it's oranges and yellows danced across the room. A tear ran down her cheek and feel onto the cotton fabrics. "I'll send for the doctor." She left the room as she forced the words out of her mouth. Crying from the pain that never seemed to stop, the man sat in the chair rubbing his head. I managed to form a sentence in my head and let it out.

"Where am I and who are you?"

The man looked up. He looked tired... like he hasn't slept in years. He smiled before he started talking. "Your name is Mattie. You are twenty two years old. You live in the state of Maryland." Yes all of this is true for the most part, I sighed... but then he said, "the year is 1902, you were in an accident four months ago, it knocked you out. Most doctors wouldn't see you... but we knew you were still alive. Your mom, brothers, sisters, and I knew you'd pull through..." by this time tears were welling up in his eyes.. "and look here you did." I didn't know what to think... nice prank right? Where are the cameras? Who hired you? Ha.

The doctor came in.. and at this moment I could tell I wasn't in 2012. He was dressed in a suit and carried a brief case. He opened it and took out many tools. He asked me to open my mouth, he looked into my ears, and into my nose. I knew I starred at him like he was crazy because he gave me a weird look. "Her legs are still broken, it would probably be best if you moved her downstairs. Fresh air and rest will do her some good." He leaned into the woman and whispered something.. something that mad her grin ear to ear. She called two names I did not recognize, and after all the poking and proding, my head felt fuzzy. Two boys, a younger and older, came up. Between the two boys who joined us, the older man, and the doctor, they carried me downstairs into a well lit room. It was yellow and had a chair that faced the window that was lined in lace. They sat me down in it, propped my feet up, and handed me a cup of tea. The older gentleman that claims to be my father opened a window and the sweet breeze of the morning flooded in. I closed my eyes. What do I do? I can barely move... should I just see what unfolds?

*  *  *   *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

What sums up my day:
- Pumpkin candycorn
- Fall smells
- Cardigans
- Rainy days
- Hot cocoa / chai tea latte
- good romantic movies 
- warmth

 Yesterday I got sick. I think it's from what I ate at Cheesecake Factory. I threw up everything! I had a migraine on top of that. Before I got sick though, we went to the National Science and History museum and it was pretty cool. I've been once before a long time ago but I enjoyed it a lot. I got some pictures that I'll have to post to facebook eventually.

Today I went grocery shopping with Michelle. You would not BELIEVE how huge this store is. Like, huge. Like two stories huge. It's amazing. I wish we had one back on in Oklahoma City. Anyway, then we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond she needed to get a couple of things but then we found the candle section. And they had fall candles out. Yankee Candles. So we chose one that is called "Farmers Market" and it smells like pumpkin spice, with a hint of apples. It smells like fall. I love it! Then I got to try a chai tea latte. YUMMMMM! It rained all day long too. So most of the day I lounged around and watched movies. I saw Julie&Julia, that was a good movie. And it also made me think, even when we are all married we have to have dinner parties with each other. Meghan, Cheryl, Sable, and I. WE. HAVE. TO. Like each couple would host one night, then the next, and so on. It is set in stone.

I was thinking today. I think next cosplay season will be my last. I really need to focus on life more. It's fun and I love the experiences. But I think it's time for me to seriously focus on my future and grow more. I know I could do both... but I just think about all the money I have put out for everything cosplay related and think.... I could have bought a car or possibly moved out already. I don't know, I guess I'll see where life takes me, but I don't think I see myself cosplaying much longer.

I miss EVERYONE. Mucho :(

I love you all, sweet dreams.


  1. O.O I was enthralled by the story the whole time! It was amazing. At first I thought it was real, lol. Man.

    But yeah, I hear you about cosplaying. I think a lot of us are starting to grow out of it. Idk, it's fun to plan, dream about, think about. But when it comes to actually doing it, I get more frustrated and financially unstable than anything. I mean it's GREAT and awesome when the cosplay is done and all.

    I'm going to think about fading out of cosplay soon too. Maybe still go to cons, but do artist table's instead :3 make PROFIT from our con going, haha. But not have to worry about cosplays and skits and being perfect :P

    I love you dear and can't wait to see you aggainnnaagghh!

  2. And the whole hosting dinner parties thing sounds WONDERFUL! Cheryl and I always talk about when we're all married we'll be those awesome moms who still hang out and raise their kids together. I've always had dreams of my best friends' kids and my kids being best friends growing up, and all through life. xD It's like the large family I never had, haha!

  3. Mattie.... like I thought that whole story was real at first! D: I was like, what's in the locket!! A secret long lost mystery is underway! man!! so wast hat a dream?? :O I miss you so much!! and wow, the place you are staying at sounds really magical with the woods and all. :O man.... I can't wait till fall here... mmmm.... candles and Fall smells... yes! :D I'm sorry you got sick at cheesecake factory! :(
    and did u find any vintage shops? :DD and omg! love Julia and Julia! :D and we should totally all have dinner parties, that would be amazing!!! *____* Love you Mattie!! and Mattie, you are an amazing writer, i was on the edge of my seat. my face was like 2 inches away from the screen! lol :D