Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hay hay hay.

Mwhaha we're watching the Adventure Time top 12 episode New Year's marathon. :D Hours and hours of Finn and Jake goodnessssesssss.

I've been thinking about cosplay lately, and who I might wanna do this coming cosplay season. But seriously, all the cosplay I wanna do is pretty hard, like detail wise and what not. So here's a possible list:
1. Sailor Moon
2. Princess Serenity (for ball? maybe)
3. Yuna
4. Luka Megurine
5. June
6. Nurse Joy
7. Princess Bubblegum

I'm excited about the Daniel Fast. I want to get a Bible study to do during it, or maybe two. I also want to find a Daniel Fast guide book. I have a couple things I'm going to pray for also like Ariana's eye. She's going to have surgery on the 17th and we're hoping that it'll save her eye. She could loose her eye, like her brain will eventually shut off to it and it'll die. So we're trying to prevent that. Another thing is Rhiannon and her baby. Just that they stay healthy and that she doesn't get depressed and overwhelmed. God and do it.

I had an Azula moment XD I asked to take my mom's diet coke for work and I told her I'd replace it. So I went to Williams after work and bought like a six pack of diet coke and that's it. Well I'm checking out and you know how they have those guys who help you out to your car? First of all this guy was like a kid, super younger than me. I'm flattered none the less. But he was like "Do you need help? Is it too heavy for you. I can help you to your car." I just kinda look at him, "Heh, right. I'm pretty sure I can do it." ROFL, I think his face was something like this O.O I didn't mean for it to come off rude, but... I don't know. I'm just weird and awkward about all that stuff. lol


  1. Bahaha, I had a moment like that at the grocery store today. I was pretty much doing the bagging and putting it in the cart and I didn't mind it at all. One of the clerks came up to me and was like, "I can get that for you ma'm" and I was like "Oh no that's okay, I'm fine!" I thought I sounded nice lol, but he was just like "O... kay?" and walked off. I guess I was doing his job XD

    Through the Daniel fast I'll probably be praying a lot for strength and willpower to avoid temptations by food and what not, lol. I never realized how much I thought about what I wanted to eat, or what sounded good, and how all of the food I craved and ate a ton of was all not the best for me, or I took it way out of proportion @_@ So I'm hoping the more used to this fast I get, the less I"ll think about stuff like that and focus on other things. Food should only be sustenance anyway :3 I hope too though that everything with Ariana turns out alright *hugs* I'm positive God will keep her strong and safe, and that things will turn out for the better <3

    That cosplay list is exciting though! I need to figure out who I want to do this year too. For sure Meiko of Vocaloid and Sailor Jupiter for our groups; but then individual ones I'm still deciding. It'll be fun though to challenge ourselves and keep pushing ourselves further with cosplay and conventions though, and making new memories! I always love our cosplay craft days :D

  2. Mattie I love you XD but... yeah... i sort of just feel awkard with those guys at williams too. 0.0 its like, idk. weird! haha!

    And I'll pray for Ariana's eye too. I didn't know that. I knew that one of her teeth had died. :( But yeah I will definetly be praying for her. God can heal her!

    I'll be praying for you too for the Daniel fast, and thats awesome you are going to do a bible study during it! :D thats a really good idea :)