Monday, December 19, 2011

Its been one week..

since school has been out for me! But I feel like I've been much busier. XD
Did you guys start singing that Barenaked Ladies song? "It's been one week since she's looked at me..." ROFL cause it's stuck in my head now.

So *drumroll* I made an 86.6666667 (86) in my Physiology class! Super stoked about that, for sure. I studied so hard for that stupid final.. out of about 35-40ish people in the class, 9 people made a B or above, I was one of those 9 hardcore people! >.<

So this week consists of working at the daycare, working for Michelle, and Christmas. I don't know bout you gals, but we should watch more movies this Friday! That would be lots of fun... if everyone is off and what not. I still need to finish shopping for my family, then after Christmas finish shopping for all y'all.

Hopefully I can catch up on some sleep, lol.

It's almost Christmas :3

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