Sunday, December 25, 2011

It is well.

We had an awesome candlelight service this morning. I actually don't ever remember going to one or if our church has had one. But I loved it. We lit our candles and he said "What if you're the only Bible someone is ever going to read? What if you're the only "Jesus" a person is going to know? Let your light shine and spread it to others." It really hit me. I need to be a better beacon of God's word but I also need to personally get a closer relationship with God and work on some things that I've been struggling with. I need to give it all to Him. All my worries, my sorrows, my stresses. I need to give it to Him because He knows way more and can do things beyond my control.

Christmas was fun. I really loved Christmas this year! I know it's not all about the gifts, but I gotta say I got some goods. Haha, my mom bought me up the whole collection of "Be Enchanted" from Bath and Body works! I'm set for a couple of months :D She got me the Adele cd, a PC game, a nifty travel bag, a super awesome purse, an Adventure Time and Sailor Moon shirt, Paris Hilton perfume, crackle nail polish,  and she also bought me the dress I wore for Christmas service/pictures.

I'm so excited about the Daniel fast! I'm glad so many people (you guys) are going to participate! It'll be hard but together I know we can do it. Like a support group! >.<

Well Merry Christmas, I love you guys! Let your day be filled with food, laughter, family, and the presence of Jesus. Lets give Him praise :3

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  1. Merry Christmas Mattie!!! I love you!!! Im so glad you had a wonderful Christmas and Church Service. ^^ And and!! Im sooo excited for the Daniel Fast toooooo!! >:DDDD and Im really glad we are all doing it together too ^^