Thursday, December 22, 2011

Off I go, again.

They let me off at 5:20 at the daycare, but I just have to go right to Michelle's house to watch her baby, then back to work the next day. Not complaining, but I'm just tired and sore. I work all day, I go work at my nanny job at night, and back to the daycare. Some days I don't even go home or see my family for days on end.

When I think things might look up and work, it just doesn't. I was talking to that guy but it's probably been a week or two since I've last heard from him. I know it probably wasn't meant to be but... I guess it just takes a toll on my self esteem. Lately I just feel just, so lame and that I'm just existing right now. I really want to invest into a treadmil, because right now, I just hate myself. Sorry for being so emo. I think kids just really drain you, emotionally and physically.

I need to finish Christmas shopping XP I don't want to though, people are crazy.

I finally saw Avatar (the blue one) and it was a pretty good movie.

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