Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ore ja dame ka?

Am I not good enough? Buhh, one of the saddest moments (in my opinion) of Sailor Moon! I cry every time! That's kind of how I've been feeling.. just because all of this boy stuff that has been stirring around. I mostly avoid these things (guys) because I am very insecure.

It might just be one of those days (or the couple of pounds I've put on) but I just feel so balloon-ish. I always compare myself to others... I really need to get back to eating healthy and exercising. School always brings the worse in me, especially studying. It's like I have to have chips and soda while studying. I'm glad school is almost out, I really want to continue becoming stronger, fitter, and just healthier. I've promised myself that if I can slim down a little more, that I'll totally splurge on this $200 40's styled red polka doted swim suit! Something sorta like this one:

Super cute! >.<

Monday is the last day of school for me! I'm so excited but also I'm not ready, I need to study way way more. I have two huge reviews to go through and some extra credit (4 points XP) to get done. Hey, 4 points could make or break you. lol, I do wish it was a bit more though.

I can't wait till it actually snows, or after the first freeze, I love getting lost in the woods behind us. Laying down in the dry creek bed and watching the snow fall from the trees. The smell of pine and the peace of the quietness, it's so beautiful. Then coming into the house to a warm fireplace. I can spend hours outside in the snow.

I'm sorry I've been so winy and blah, I'm just having one of those moments.

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and today 70 years ago FDR declared war on Japan. I love the 40's era even though it was stained with death. People seemed so close together, families had "victory gardens" to save items for the soldiers at war. And men were more eager to protect their country then too. I love 40's big band music, Glenn Miller is definitely one of my favorite composers/instrumentalists/artists. So I did my hair and makeup and I'm dressed to remember.

So I was talking to P about this guy that my mom is trying to get me hooked up with. What she said almost made me cry. "Any guy would be lucky to have you. Just be yourself and if he doesn't like that then it's his loss. You are amazing and I'm so blessed to have you." My sister told me something to that same effect... so I've started talking to him on facebook, so I suppose we'll see what happens.

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