Friday, July 1, 2011

"If you take a left, it will bring you straight back to me."

There's nothing like driving down back roads in the truck, windows down, listening to good country music, with all of your siblings all singing, and the wind in your hair. It made some good memories and reminded me of some good memories. I don't know if it's the country girl in me, but it felt good. Just some good wholesome fun, riding/driving in a pick up. You know how people just went on "Sunday drives?" Well it was our "Friday drive." It was really nice.

I have the final boss to beat in FFX but so far... it has got really sad. I teared up a couple of times. Shesh, depressing. But I'm ready to finally be able to beat it. Man, busy busy weekend. Tomorrow I'm gonna: clean kitchen, take shower, be @ daycare by 9 for Jacque's CPR, clean room, fold laundry, do laundry, work on cosplay, train my characters, be silly, probably swim. Haha, I guess I'm not really doing much important though besides the cleaning.

It's totally funny. When I don't wear my Melon Lord button or my "flameo hotman" button, the kids think something is wrong or ask me why I didn't wear it. So I've become accustomed to wear my buttons. They don't even call me Miss Mattie they call me MelonLord. XD Silly children silly children. Which, speaking of work, it has got much better. Though I do want to say P was left alone with the kids inside while I was outside doing something for a bit and when I came in she was upset because the kids were fighting in one room and the other... I just wanted to say, that's what I deal with when you're doing your paper work or when I'm outside by myself.. but I didn't. I just went on with my business. But no, work is much more tolerable. WAY more tolerable. I laid down on the couch the other day, because my nappers were down and I was the only one awake, and watched Avatar. Very nice.

I could spend forever on We Heart It. I'm so glad I found that website. The pictures are so pretty and eye appealing. I can never just pick out a few pictures to post on here... they are all so good! I stumbled upon the baroque period and I just love love love the style of the rooms from that era. I most definitely want to do my room like that. So pretty and classy, then we could have tea parties in my room! Yes!

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