Monday, July 18, 2011

We have to leave without looking back.

That's a lyric from "Just Be Friends." So sad.. it's such a sad video but I love it! I love Luka Megurine! She's the one with the pink hair.. from Vocaloid. Pink hair! lol

Tokyo in Tulsa 2011 was amazing. I had so much fun going up on stage and being goofy, meeting/hanging out with Mai (Arienne), running up and down the sky bridge. We really need to take video of us running like that! Rofl! Just being with the awesome people I was with, I couldn't asked for it any differently! I also thank God for His hand of protection, because man, there were some times that I think we could have had a wreck, like that flipped car! Man. And getting lost in Tulsa with Cheryl! Haha. But yes, overall AMAZING!

Today I was in a wreck, some girl blew a stop sign on Frisco and I didn't really get time to brake and I hit her car. All is well though, I mean, I was in the truck. Didn't get much damage, her however I made a good size dent in her small car. And we're both good. I was just a bit shaken and my back is a bit sore.. and I had a headache, but I thank God for it not being worse. It probably could have been.

I wanna become a good artist. Remotely good. Just a bit? Haha, and I really want lolita. I don't regret not buying a dress at TnT, but I really want one. Good things come to those who wait, right? And I totally want to enter the AMV contest at Izumicon. I wanna get a skit together and enter that too! That would be so much fun. AHHH! Contests. Contests are so much fun, getting on that stage has sparked something within me. I love performing. I miss it too. I wanna be a better cosplayer too. I'm going to work hard from now till Izumicon, going to try to perfect everything I possibly can. I am so inspired right now. I've been blessed by God so much recently and I want to share His love with others! :D

P.S. I love you guys, my friends. I can't tell you how much I do, because words cannot describe it! You're so amazing, beautiful, inspiring, funny, caring, passionate, and I couldn't see myself being friends with anyone else than you guys! Love you so much!

I love the color pink <3

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