Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We're all a little bit weird sometimes.

I love that song, I'm actually listening to the original version right now. "Weird" by Hanson! I love Hanson... I actually went on a boy-band download frenzie. Haha! I had to make a new cd for the daycare for naptime, so I put a lot of slow songs on it... and it's mostly boy band music! :D

Fourth of July, ehhhh. It was alright, could have been way better. Spending time around a ton of drunken losers was not fun. No fun at all. But I was there for my sister, so I guess that's what really matters. All I know is that the guy I marry in the future, will not drink. I mean drink casually or all the time or one every other day. I mean not that I hate drinking, but drinking to get drunk? Seriously. No. It's childish and selfish. I mean there were kids there and they were lighting fireworks. So many words come to mind right now that I can't say that they are, shhheeesh. And some of them would sneek around the house to drink another can of beer because their wives didn't want them too... and most of them were drunk since early in the morning. I think drinking is pointless. Uh.

It's field trip day, they're going bowling. I'm staying at the daycare and I'm going to party! Haha, just kidding... but really. It's nice being by myself with the nappers. I sometimes take a nap too, shhhhh don't tell anyone. Then I'm suppose to go eat out with Jacque and P tonight! YEAH! lol, North party. XD

I can't believe the summer is almost oveer, it's sad. I don't wannna go back to school. School = more work on top of the work I have now. Though after this semester I'm going to apply for Nursing school and that's one step closer to moving out! lol  AND yes Meghan, I love love love We Heart It. Best picture site ever.

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