Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Break!

Has officially started for me, about an hour ago. I really didn't have to come to class today but we just had to turn in our test, which is pretty important.. haha! I feel so, freeeee! Even though I have a lot of responsibilities over the break >.>

Monday: leave Seavey's at 7 a.m., Turn in test, get laundry done, clean kitchen
Tuesday: Work 7-8, clean house (all day thing), work 3-6, then watch Greyson till 7 a.m.
Wednesday: Leave Seavey's at 7 a.m., work 8a.m. - 6 p.m., watch Greyson till 7 a.m.
Thursday: leave Seavey's at 7 a.m., THANKSGIVING! >.<
Friday: BREAK! *start paper if I feel like it rofl it's due Dec. 7th*
Saturday: Chill.
Sunday: Church and chill, watch Greyson till 7 a.m.

Then my week starts all over again! I'm working a lot... which is exciting, well the paycheck is going to be. Which is awesome! Because I have to start buying for my "angel tree" gals. We have an "angel tree" at church and it's for families/kids/teens in the area who need things for Christmas. So I picked out this 17 yr old girl and a 16 yr old girl. Both of them need winter coats and clothes, so I was thinking about going to Old Navy *black friday* for their $25 peacoats. Then I'll probably spoil these girls with some bath and body works, makeup, and well girl stuff. >.< And I think I want a peacoat too lol.

I wish there was a place on this campus that was comfy, warm, and would let you eat food at the same time. Like there's a place beneath the library with couches and tables but they won't let you eat food there. You're not suppose to at least.. but I'm a good girl and I'm not. Yet. These m&m's are calling my name! >:D

School is depressing. Sometimes I just want to be a homemaker. But I can get through this, I need to work harder. I had a really awesome dream last night, I can't really remember it. There were lots of bright colors and a good looking guy. Sometimes I just wish I could wake up and be in a fairytale. XP Silly I know, I just wish everything would go perfectly.

Speaking of fairytales and weddings (Cheryl lol) I want a fairytale wedding. I've been planning my wedding ever since, forever! It's going to truly be magical. And thinking about it, I want to get married in December. December is so magical. The air in December smells magical and full of love. People are happier and caring in December. I'd love to have it outside (crazy I know) with the snow falling. I know that'd probably not happen, but uhhh. Beautiful. All red nosed and serve hot cocoa! >.< And while I was looking up bachorlette ideas for you Cheryl, many people suggested tea parties. I'd totally have a party in a french garden, elegant and everything. I have big dreams... haha! Magical dreams.

A lot of rambling, sorry I know! So in other words, HAVE AN AWESOME THANKSGIVING! Love you guys <3

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  1. Wow that sounds so magical Mattie!! ^.^ A Wedding in December WOULD be sooo pretty!!! and that is a good idea, except idk if Jess would be into a tea party. shes really into wild crazy stuff. 0.o really wild stuff. >< any way, I love ya mattie!! I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving break! :D