Thursday, November 3, 2011

And, by the way.

in my room, in my parents house.
at a daycare and I have now for about 2 years.
I'm slightly depressed.
box fans and lullaby tunes from the kid's bedroom.
behind a facade. 
one step at a time.
kittyface's all over my notes.
a dirty room, eep.
Someone Like You, I love Adele!
do anything better than you XP
medical shows during the day. 
about the future, guys, life, school. What it would be like to live a stereotypical anime life. 
hard and sometimes don't know how to get back up.
to be done with school and out in the "real" world.
because I feel misunderstood/unappreciated by my parents.
Vampire Knight/Black Butler/Black Crow it's a guilty pleasure, an escape.
my best gal pals! lol
in a drill team (horses) when I was in high school. 
wish I could wake up and be back in time 7 yrs and do things all over again XP
being alone, my hugest fear is being alone in the dark. 
things will get better.
when I'm bored, bad habit. I need to kick it. 
water! More water!
my long hair! lol
a few people that have hurt me. I've given it to God and have moved on.
to work!
a lot of things recently since I've had to move my room around. 
wonderful dreams. <3
my babies goodnight!
so much to offer. 
hiding in the bathroom in second grade from the teacher lol
want to fail. 
in God!
myself so much more. I need to studying harder. 
we're going to have so much fun at Izumicon!
DISLIKE, I dislike it when people lie to me. 
things would start falling into place. 
never called me, actually wasn't that much into me I think, never really got to know me. 
clean my room lol
shy, if you didn't know me I'd be shy and weird. But I think once you got to know me you'd still think I was weird but also a loyal/great/caring/warm person.
muscle contraction x.x
twists and turns. 
mysterious. Just kidding, it's my past hmmm, I did say earlier that I would have changed it, but you know what, I wouldn't. Because I wouldn't be where I am now. 
people smack their gum or bite on their fork! AHHH *petpeeve* 
fun when you're friends are with you!
done drugs. 
had an obsession over Sailor Moon. Unhealthy. 
I bite my finger nails. 
I lived in Bethany. 
you :3
you'd be in Arkansas.
*inserts an awesome dream I've had* lol
rude people. 
you mean, if I ever get out of school.....
sleep tight!

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