Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lead us to a place.


Today is a warm sweater, coffee, warm kind of day. I wish I could go jogging around the lake. I go over to the Doctor's house tonight, the one I'm Nanny for, I'm excited. Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming and that is like my most favorite song and it reminds me of the holidays. It's so powerful, I just love it so much. I am so happy right now.

So I had an eye appointment this morning at 9:00 I wasn't too worried, not to sound like I'm gloating but I have perfect vision XD so he's looking at my eyes with a bright light to see inside them and check the pressure and he says "You have really cool pigments in your iris... you're pigments are really awesome." So when he gets done and he's writing on my charts he tells me that I have blue pigments and gold flakes in my eyes. In other words, I have beautiful eyes, so says my optometrist. >.< Then I'm reading the Snellen chart (which is the chart that has the big E at the top and line by line the letters get smaller) and I could read to the smallest line. After he does all of those tests he asks me, "Do you wanna see if you have Super Man eyes?" ROFL, sure! That's totally what I did too. So he makes it to where the letters are like this:


And you're sitting across the room from them.. and read it almost verbatim, I mixed up the V for a Y, but he said that was close enough. Then he looked at it and said "It looks like dot dot dot dot dot, to me." That's right, I beat the doctor! He said my long distance vision is super good. :D 

Then I went to go find a white leotard for Sailor Moon cosplay. I stopped into this one store off of 63rd it was super cute inside and the music was wonderful, classic and jazz. The lady came up to me and I told her what I needed and she took me to the adult section. Then I asked if I could try it on, she was super nice about everything. I was ready to check out and she asked me if I was in a show! It was nice, I felt flattered. Usually when you go into something specialized like that... like sometimes when I go into Victoria's Secret I definitely don't fit the mold of girls that shop there and they're kinda rude to me at times, but this lady wasn't at the dance store. She thought I was a dancer! I told her I wasn't... :( that I was actually making a costume and she looked at me like wasn't halloween monday? Hahah, but she didn't ask anything more.

Since I'm not going to be enrolling in school, I will be working a lot, but I also want to do something for myself. I've always wanted to do dance or continue in gymnastics or do some sort of martial arts and I think that this is the opportunity. I really would love to do something like that, it would be a lot of fun and good for me.

Izumicon next week <3


  1. OMG, that's Josh Groban! I forgot he sang that song with her. They make such beautiful music together *___*

    Yay! I'm so glad things are going gewd :3 I need to get my butt in gear for Izumicon, baahaha. xD

  2. This is a different version, it's Celiene Dion and Andrea Bocelli. But yes I prefer Josh Groban's version (cause his voice melts butter) and he sings it with Charolette Church.

    :D Me too Meghan, me too XD

  3. Ohhh dang, I would've sworn he sang it with Celine Dion too. He talked about that at his concert :O maybe he did but didn't record it or something XD

  4. Maybe he's done like, two different versions. Because I can find him sing it with Celine Dion and Charolette Church. WEIRD. lol