Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If you saw them would you even care?


She is Yuna D:
*Determined to be a good Yuna*
And I love her hair! GASP! Haha.

(Yeah I accidentally posted this on my other blog, sorrrrrreh XD )

Today has been crazy. I've been up at work picking up broken tree limbs, sheet metal, boarding up broken windows, picking up broken glass all from that storm yesterday night. Which, by the way, was super freaky. I was outside when it came through, we didn't get the severe winds, but it was hazy and red and smelled like smoke. I was convinced that something was going to happen like a hoard of zombies or the end of the world. Just saying. I was up at the daycare from 7:30 to 12. They just now got electricity in Piedmont not too long ago.. I think around 9ish p.m.? Crazy.

We went to Gatti-Town, where Incredible Pizza use to be. Ehhh, it was alright. It didn't really change all that much and I think the pizza was worse... but I had a blast with my family! It was really fun. We haven't really had the time/money to do a huge family vacation like we use to do all the time, and since the kids are just now getting older and what not. I think my parents had an awesome time too. Me and Ariana won the go kart races, cause we're awesome. Haha. Just an awesome blessed evening out. Most def.

There is a martial arts class at school that I'm thinking about taking this coming semester. I've done pretty poor on my weight loss, not really watching all that I eat. I've been super lazy and I'm not gonna blame in on anything but myself. I let myself talk myself into things like, "If you eat this now, just work it off later" knowing full well that I won't and eat it anyway. I need to quit listening to myself. Er. Though I'm not really gonna complain, I've had an awesome summer self confidence-wise. I've never felt as confident as I have in a bathing suit this summer, which is a plus. I'm wearing size 8 pants in womens and an 11 in juniors. I'm super happy. I just want to continue. I haven't reached my goal yet, but I'm gonna get there.

Plans for tomorrow.. well it seems that I have a hold on my transcript? And I also can't enroll into classes? Uhhhhh, it's not telling me why either. Lame! Better go check my school email.. and since I don't have to work, looks like that's what I'll be taking care of tomorrow. -rolls eyes- I hate dealing with this kind of business with school, they're always so rude about it or anything. Especially if it has to do with money... greedy people.

Yeah I'm totally gonna be June, someday... like maybe next year! :D Or Izumicon!? Rofl, I dunno yet if I wanna do a new cosplay. I don't know if I'll have time.... but she isn't that hard, I don't think she will be. Hmph. Any ideas? 


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  1. OMG!! Wow, Mattie, you make a really good June! you look a lot like her! :D and and... haha im not just saying this cause Im biased cause your my friend, but you would make a way better Yuna then that one girl. You look so much like her, no joke! :D

    and oh a martial arts class sounds fun! or or we should go to that guy in piedmont. :D and I hope everything goes good with your school and classes. and Mattie you are so kind that you went and helped out the daycare yesterday. ^__^