Friday, August 5, 2011

"I love you."

Well I beat Final Fantasy X the other day. I cried. I cried like a girl... wait. Haha. It was so good. So good. I recommend this video game for sure. But you know what else? It really inspired me to draw in the first place, so I've been drawing like crazy! And here's a sample of my work(s) in progress. I know they're not perfect and I'm working my hardest to make it better.

And if you liked that! You should check out my other art/blog! At this address:

I've also decided that I'm going GOING to cosplay Yuna (FFX version) next year. It's going to be my goal. I'm going to grow out my hair and not dye it (for a while), work harder loosing weight and stay encouraged, and I'm going to make my dream come true! Ever since this stinkin' video game came out I've always wanted to be Yuna. So to kick off this goal... I bought her necklace off of ebay :D I thought that would make me work harder. I know, making this is going to be super hard, but I have over a year of planning! lol

So, I get the day off early, what do I do with it?

I tie t-shirts around myself and prance around in a skirt pretending to be Yuna. I'ma goober, I know. But if I was any different I wouldn't be me. I use to do this a lot actually... put things together to sort of have a costume. XD I use to do this A LOT! I have some pictures somewhere in the catacombs... they're kinda embarrassing though.

OKAY, other news that doesn't have to do with Final Fantasy/Cosplay/Yuna/Anime, I got burned again today. I'm so excited. I am determined to get a nice tan before the winter season comes. It's almost even too. Oooo, and last thursday I did a front flip off the diving board! I was so proud of myself, it was a good one too! I'm also excited about TAX FREE WEEKEND! I really want to go checkout that new outlet mall.. but I'll probably do that when it's not so wild and crazy over there. I heard people were parking up on sidewalks, in the grass, anywhere they could get their car to fit. Insane.

Speaking of insane, I went to go get my mom an icee from 7-11. I was checking out/standing in line when I over hear a conversation between the cashier guy and some lady. She starts chewing him out over someone at 7-11 selling red bull to her 13 yr old son at midnight. This is what she said, "My son came up here late last night and someone sold him a red bull. I do not want him drinking that. Why are you guys selling it to young children? They snuck out of the house, came up here, and bought tons of red bull at midnight." I really wanted to say... Well lady #1, why aren't you watching your children? It's your fault they snuck out of the house #2 there's no age limit on energy drinks. It's not like you have to be 21 to buy one. #3 if you don't want your child drinking energy drinks that's between you and him/her. Not this poor cashier guy. Leave him alone. She was very rude about it to.

Anywhooooo.... I hope you guys have a lovely weekend! School, fall, Izumicon, Avatar Olympics, are all almost here! Yess! I'm so excited! :D


  1. Yay Mattie! I'm so excited to see your goal and dream come true about cosplaying Yuna. x3 <3 You will be THE PERFECT and most gorgeous Yuna ever, aaah!

    And yes! I'm excited for new cosplay goals. I'm gonna' hope for Yuffie, Painted Lady Katara and the Pokemon White girl Pokemon trainer this upcoming year of conventions and cosplays. I'm super excited about Final Fantasy cosplays too, breaking away from the norm of Avatar and Kingdom Hearts, haha. I love those to death, but it's fun trying new things too. :)

    Haha, I adore your costumes-but-not-really things. I freaked out for a sec and thought you almost had a Yuna cosplay together or something! O.O i was like "OMG WHAT THE HECK D:" then was slightly dissapointed. xD But you fooled me. When I was younger I actually dressed up as "Ash" from Pokemon, so that's technically my first cosplay, buhhuh. I got the hat, and wore jeans and a white shirt and taped Pikachu to my shoulder and had a poke ball and called myself Ash. XD NO ONE knew who I was. Oh well, it was fun. :3 We should swap old costume pictures sometime, huzzah!

    I am getting excited for Izumicon! A small, quaint convention sounds nice, and it also means COOLER WEATHER FINALLY. Ugh! I'm so sick of this heat it's not even funny.

    OH, and yeah, I've been in that cashier's shoes. It's not fun getting chewed at for something that is totally not your fault. They act like you're dumb or senseless or something and just talk to you like your dirt. I have to hold my tongue often but I'm sure my eyes show that I'm about to just talk right back at them, haha. Oh well. People are people.

    Love you Mattie dear! And I'll be able to do Avatar Olympics, I work the night shift that night. :D YAAAY! <3 <3

  2. Mattie!! You'll be the best Yuna EVER!!!!!!!! WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I'll probably freak out and glomp you! lol!! Yuna is so awesome!! I used to draw her all over my notebooks in elementry school. lol!!! XD that pic fooled me too, it looks so good!! :D Im so excited for you to cosplay her!!! I know you can do it. ^^ Im really proud of you!