Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Look around."

I stayed up real late last night so I could put a dent in Final Fantasy X. Long story short, I was to the end of the game years and  years ago... and we were visiting family and my cousin took our memory card. I'm still kinda mad at him haha, but I'm getting there again. And this time I'm taking more time to train and what not. So when I beat FFX I'll need a new game to play and I guess it might be KH, but I'm not sure.

I went and saw Cars 2 yesterday after I got off work early yesterday. It was SUPER CUTE! And one of the cars was voiced by the gal who voiced Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle! But I was probably the only one who knew that. So if you wanted to see it I saw go see it. Very cute and very worth it. Now I wanna go see Kung Fu Panda 2, everyone has been telling me that one is really good.

I went to Goodwill real quick and found another pretty "Chinese dress." And tons of awesome chopsticks! I bought my wig and got the faster shipping, it was like $10 more.. so hopefully it comes in. And processes really fast because I calculated the days and it could come in the day before TnT. O.O No bueno.

Oh Saturday, thank you for being lazy and not important. Lord thank you for giving me peace of mind yesterday when I needed. And friends, thank you for listening to my ranting.

P.S. My sister's pregnant...again... don't tell anyone... I hope it's a girl! >.<

 I think my dream had something to do with lolita.. but I can't really remember it. 

 Grace Kelly. I remember seeing this picture as a little girl in a book I had. She was so pretty and I wanted to be just like her. Uhhh, I love her dress.


  1. I really like "Hauru no ugoku shiro":D

  2. Yes! It's definitely one of my favorite movies. :3

  3. When you're done with FFX, you should come to Vintage Stock and buy/rent more games! 8'D *shot for pathetic attempt at store marketing*

    Haha but srsly :3 If you rent a game and play it and like it, you can buy it and we'll subtract the rent cost from the price of the game. Sweet deals! Plus I think we have some KH stuff, and other Final Fantasy. Tons to pick through. My suggestion after X would be XII, it's pretty good, pretty intense though. XD

    "Wow Sophie! Your hair looks just like starlight!" Aaah I wanna' say that to you all the time when you're Sophie, haha xD That's such a cute line. And such an adorable movie <3

    And that chinese dress is GORGEEOUSSS! I want to find a pretty Chinese dress. Then we should all wear them out to some fancy shmancy Chinese restaurant and get all dolled up and what not.

  4. You should play KH, or FF9, FF9 is my favorite final fantasy of all time! ^^ and KH is just amazing!

    And Im so excited your doing Sophie! Your gonna be an amazing Sophie! I hope your wig makes it in time! D: and WHAT! Rihonnan is pregnant! Wahh!!! X3 <333 thats so awesome! and yay for Goodwill shopping! X3 and I want to see Kung Fu Panda 2 too! lol!! Lets go see it XD