Sunday, June 26, 2011


"You'll stay with me until the end, right?"
"No... always. I'll stay with you always."

I'm almost done with Final Fantasy X. I'm actually almost back to where I was years ago before my memory card was taken by one of my cousins. Pushing that all into the past, I am so excited. I could probably beat the game tomorrow.. but I'm going to make it last as long as possible. It's going to be so sad, I already know how it ends, but still. I am going to cry. I cried when Aerith died. lol So I think next I'm going to play FFVII. I didn't get very far last time I played it many moons ago, but I really wanna be able to say I did and have.

*Meghan: I think we have all the KH series games, but I do wanna come up there for Dynasty Warriors 4 or Soul Caliber! That sale thing is this weekend right? Totally going. :D

*Cheryl: After X, I plan on playing VII and going up. So I'll eventually get to those! I'm so excited, I'll finally be able to know what Garnet's real story is. >.<

I bought a dress pattern and some bloomer patterns for Sophie. Thought there will have to be some alterations in the dress, you know that weird seam line across the chest? Yep. And I really wanted to make the dress fuller / more flow-y. Does that make sense? lol. But I have no idea how to do that. I'm going to need some serious help.. especially picking out fabric for all of this. I need to finish Azula and I'm going to hand wash my Videl shirt. It has a stain at the bottom and I have to get it out! lol

With that aside, today at church God was really speaking to me. I've been living for me, myself, and I so much lately that I haven't really seen the big picture. The sermon was really for me and I felt the Holy Spirit move. I need to focus more on ministering to others, even if that's just loving on someone or lending them money. Which with cosplay, I've been kinda stingy with money lately. But you know with God worldly things don't matter. He's the ultimate gift and I've been stingy with that too. I'm not sharing the best gift anyone could have, an eternity with the Lord. After church I've kinda been on fire and I really needed it. Not that I wasn't a Christian before, but I was totally slipping away. I don't know much scripture, but I would like to start reading the Bible. Maybe get a Bible Study? If you guys know any good ones, that would be super dooper.

We're placed in situations for a reason, perhaps there's someone there that needs to be touched by the hand of God and your the one who has to make that happen. I want to be a vessel for Him.

So here are some really good cosplays of FFX characters, some sad but awesome quotes, and just good plain Final Fantasy sweetneess. Love you guys and I miss your faces! If you aren't doing anything for 4th of July (cuz I'm not) we totally need to have a get together. You should text me RIGHT NOW while you're reading this, and let me know. Let's scheme. 

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  1. GAH, we definitely have Dynasty Warriors 4, I know, I stocked tons of them when we were opening.. XD They should still be there too. And yes! Our sale starts the first, which is Friday. Tons of shwell deals! ;D

    And I don't know if I work the actual 4th of July day or not ,but I do know that I don't work next Sunday (the 3rd), and Friday (the 1st) I work 9 am - 4 pm. So we should deffffinitely plan something! Hopefully I actually have July 4th off itself, but we'll see >< If I work the opening shift we could do something that evening! :D I miss everyone's faces too! D:

    And I'm so glad God's moving in you Mattie! I think I have the perfect Bible study, it's called No Other Gods, a Bible study about idols and other things in our lives that we worship other than God, that keeps us from growing and sharing His love. It's sort of focused towards women too, and it's a really good Bible study as much as it is fun; it has some funny stuff in it, and cute things like recipes. :) I have the book still if you want to borrow it from me; though I think I wrote tons of notes in it, xD but that may make it more interesting too? I dunno', haha!