Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Among the fields of gold."

I don't ship Cloud and Aerith, but I like this song and this video. Haha. You know when I think about it Final Fantasy VII was my first FF game to really experience. Aerith Gainsborough was my first favorite Final Fantasy gal. XD I would like to do a version of her in the future.

Thanks guys, your encouragement means a lot. Your comments mean a lot. Today I had a way much better day. No stress at all and I even had a DHS visit. I was totally chill. Me and a couple of the older kiddos even made up a new word, "awespic." It's awesome and epic put together. We were watching ATLA for like two hours while the others were on a field trip and we'd say "awespic" whenever something awesome happened in the show lol.

Yeah I got off early, here I am sitting in my room, I almost started to fold my clothes than was like nahhhhhh. Haha! ROFL. I'm really in the mood to play FFX right now.. but I don't know where it is. I might go looking for it. Hmph. I also need to enroll into more classes. I also need to start looking for stuff for my Sophie cosplay. I hope my wig comes in in time. That would totally not be cool. D':

So if I continue on with this blog I'll start to just ramble and not make much sense. Love you guys, you are such amazing friends and I don't know where I would be without your constant (stubborn) words of encouragement, love, wisdom, caring-ness, and just awesome. :D

Sorry I just had so many pictures today and I couldn't narrow them down! I love them all! >.<

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  1. Yaya! I'm glad you're having a better day :) *hugs* Sometimes we just need days like that to get over and then things get better and we feel better just letting it all out.

    You'd make a lovely Aerith!! I'd have to say the same thing about Final Fantasy VIII, but Rinoa was my first favorite FF gal, and Squall my favorite (and still favorite) FF guy :D And no worries, I'm still workin' on cosplay stuff too for Malon @_@ need to get it together!

    Love you gal! <3