Friday, January 11, 2013

。・: She was a P R I N C E S S worth waiting for :・゚

Isn't that girl really good? I read her comments and she taught herself to dance like that, amazing! "I wonder, do you know Him?" Ha ha, I love this song! :3

I just got done watching Tangled on the Disney channel, it's nap time right now ;) first of all, I cried when she was reunited with her mom and dad. That part never made me cry before... but since I've been away from mine it really just made me miss my mom and dad :(

Secondly, at the end, Flynn/Eugene says:

"Well you can imagine what happened next. The kingdom rejoiced for their lost princess had returned. The party had lasted an entire week and honestly I don't remember most of it. Dreams came true all over the place, that guy went on to become the most famous concert pianist in the world if you can believe it... and this guy.. well he eventually found true love. As for this guy, I assume he's happy... he's never told me otherwise. Thanks to Maximus, crime in the kingdom disappeared almost overnight.. as did most of the apples. Pascal,  never changed. At last Rapunzel was home, she finally had a real family. She was a princess worth waiting for. Beloved by all, she lead her kingdom with grace and wisdom her parents did before her...."

I wanna be just that, "a princess worth waiting for."

What I've started is being positive, everyday. Thinking positive, choosing the positive choice, finding the beauty in everything. I wanna be a role model because there are so many children in my life. During all of this I decided, 2013 is my year. It's my year to learn to love myself. To heal. To get back to God. I'll admit it... I haven't even been a lukewarm Christian.. I don't think I could really even call myself one. It's a struggle, it really can be. But I just need to give it to Him.

2013 is a focus on God. I need to quit focusing on the negatives and quit blaming myself and other things.. I need to stop thinking "forever alone" because if I can't love myself, no one else can. I made a promise, that this year I'm not going to even think about guys. No relationships, no nothing. Even if one day the guy of my dreams showed up and asked me out... nope. This year there is only one person I need to be in a relationship with and that's God. I need a spiritual healing. And maybe 2014 is my year.. I don't know, but someone does and I need to put more faith in Him.


This summer! I wanna do stuff on a whim.. I want to go to the beach and take pictures at sunset. I want to go cruising on Route 66 and visit diners and different stops. I want to go to new places. I want to see my family. I really honestly think, and people don't jump me, this is my last year of cosplaying. I keep saying it, but really it is. Tokyo in Tulsa will be... but just think... if we saved the money we spent on cosplay for a trip, WE COULD GO TO DISNEY or other places! We probably spend $1000 on cosplay.. you know? Between making the costume, getting passes, getting hotels, gas money, food money... maybe even more.

I really want to go to the beach.

I'm currently doing the Daniel Fast.. it has been easier.. but I do want some solid food lol. I can't wait till I get coffee back haha! A fast is suppose to be about relying more on God.. like ignoring your physical needs to meet your spiritual. I need to rely more on God when I'm feeling snacky. I need to lean on Him.

I've also decided that I'm not going to wear makeup during this fast either and not to use heat on my hair, so no curling irons, blow dryers, or straightners.. but I only use it on my bangs. Otherwise I'd look cra. I'm just doing all of this because.. and I must say, my skin is really clear!! lol It's probably because I'm also not eating a whole ton of bad stuff.

I love all you guys and miss you! I can't wait to see you in, like, three weeks!! :333

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