Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I am a princess, long may I reign.


I was going to write a blog yesterday.. but then I went to bed before 9 p.m. I don't know what was wrong with me, guess I just needed the sleep. I can't totally remember what I was going to blog about.. BUT today truly has been a magical day.

First we took Greyson to his doctor's appointment, to a new doctor's office. The last one was on a military base and the people who took care of us were awful. But the doctor, Dr. Kari, was super nice and really way cool. The nurse who gave him his shots was really nice and fast with the whole thing. It was a great experience. Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory, which is next to the mall, which is usually packed.. but it wasn't! We got in and was seated immediately. And yes, I splurged. I got a smokehouse BBQ burger, sweet potato fries, and a diet coke. YUM! So I was eating and talking to Michelle and I looked past her... there was this guy behind her. A younger guy, maybe mid to late 20's, and he was with an older gentleman, like his grandfather or something. Well I caught his gaze and we met eyes for a moment, and he smiled.


I probably turned bright red. He was so cute... now if only someone would approach me. I'd probably freeze up though.. Where's my Chris Evans? Haha, then we came home and I took the dogs on a walk and I started to watch Once Upon A Time.. I love that show O.O

Anyway.. it's not that bad Meghan lol. They treat me good and pay for like everything. I mean I do complain about some things.... Like about being lonely, how fussy the child can be, yada yada. I'd say overall, I have it way better than Scarlet did.

Speaking of Scarlett Johanssen, I saw "Girl With A Pearl Earring" and it was quite good. Cillian Murphy was in it.. and if my memory serves me correctly, when we were in computer class together Meghan, you told me that was your favorite actor ;3333

Yesterday I didn't have any soda at all! Today I had diet coke at the restaurant, but I wanna totally cut it out. I bought diet green tea to replace it with. I'm slowly going to start replacing sweets with fruits. I've been walking an hour everyday but I wanna go hardcore. I brought a workout dvd... I wanna get Just Dance 4, to work out and have fun at the same time! lol


I've got my mom convinced and now I'm working on my dad. DISNEY. VACATION. DEC 2013.

December? Why?

The week before Christmas is suppose to be one of their "dead" / slow weeks.

OHMAIGAWSH, I'm so excited!!! I'm going to make HUGE puppy eyes.

I am such a little girl at heart.. I AM A PRINCESS /sobsobsobsob

Um, I think that is all. I'm going to try and find more of Once Upon A Time episodes.



    I love that show
    Ugh it's sad but still so wonderful
    and it only gets better ;D

    And we are all princesses! Haha, I totally feel that way too :3 I almost cried when I first saw that Disney trailer thing, I was like "OKDAY DISNEY, TAKE ALL MY MONEY" <3333

    I want to go on a friends Disney adventure... even if it's just us girls, oh my gosh, can you imagine how amazing that would be?!!!!

  2. and yes!! Haha he is one of my favorites probably not my ultimate favorite (I think that's Chris Evans now O.O;; among others, haha) but I do love him @_@ He's a fantastic actor. But now I have to see that movie cause I love both of them! /flails