Saturday, November 3, 2012

Could it be?

I watched over the bay as hundreds were wiped out. The waves were ginormous much like the sorcerer controlling them. Even so, the soldiers rode on towards the battle. The only thing that was constant to their minds was keeping the kingdom safe. "You weaklings still continue to challenge me? Where is your prince? Let us see who is stronger.." The dark man screamed which boomed over the city.. he was positioned in the water upon a pedestal throwing waves and spells at the men and the city.

"Alora, we need to flee. The city is going to be overtaken" a low and hurried voice called to me from the door. Yet I couldn't look away from my window.. I watched hooded soldiers break their way into the city. I looked down into the streets: men, women, and children were running all in different directions.. the waves have started to lick the houses along the coast. My eyes started to swell.. I felt a hand upon my shoulder and I snapped my head around to match the face to it. Sir Davin... I flew into his arms and held him tight. He was my father's right hand man and ever since my father's death, he has watched over me. He's like my second father and I the daughter he never had. His face as of recent has shown how worn out he really is.. his grey hair slowly turning white.. but his spirit still as strong as fifty men. He took my hand and lead me downstairs.

"Do not, for any reason, let go of my hand." He told me sharply. We were in the landing, he was watching the street through the window, waiting till it was clear... the chaos from outside was more real to me now. I noticed something beside me, while waiting for him. There was a picture of Sir Davin, his wife Lady Evelyn.. God rest her soul, and I on a table near by.. I smiled and quickly took it and shoved it into my pocket. I took another moment to take in our home... the smell of musk and wood, I am going to miss it. I pulled out my hat and placed it over my head.. and fixed it in the mirror. If it wasn't for my girlish eyes, I would look like a boy. My hair was cut to look like a boy's.. even my clothes. I know why I must.. but for once I'd like to dress like a girl. I pulled my hat even further to hide my insecurities. "Are you ready? Lets go." He quickly opened the door and we were out. Running.

Even though it was mid day, the sun was no where to be found. The sky was filled with dark clouds... the rain pounded hard. The stone buildings on either side towered over us. People were screaming left and right.. running everywhere. I could hear the thundering of gunshots, swords clanking, the evil sorcerer laughing. The black hooded soldiers were after all who were in their path.. I kept my eyes forward. I didn't want to see what was happening to the people who were caught. The outer city's gates are just up ahead.. once we got past them we could escape to the countryside. As we got closer... it seemed... there was a massive crowd at the gates?

"Let us through!"

"There are innocent children!"

"Open the gates!"

"Get back you dirty dogs. No one shall pass, go on back." The guard held a gun up in the air and shot off a few rounds into the rain. 

Sir Davin pushed through the crowd... many knew and revered him, even the guards on duty. He was after all, the late King's most trusted knight. The knights at the gate did not move or say a word. No one spoke a word for a moment. The rain pounded and clanked off of their armor.. and the battle raged on down at the shore.

"Why are we not allowed to cross?" Davin stepped forward, keeping me behind him.

"Sir, with all due respect, our orders were to not let anyone in or out. Unless you are a member of the royal family..." I squeezed his hand... "or court, you cannot pass."

Davin had nothing to say... I could tell he was angry and so did the knight. Ever since the King and Queen's death, the now reigning royal family has been very strict... in a lot of ways. Taxes went up, they withheld food and such things from the people.. they even had dealings with dark forces.. which is now what is reaking havoc on our city. Davin took us down another way, the crowd assumed screaming.. he knew all the secret areas of the kingdom. Our feet pounded on the cobbled stones of the street, along with the rain. Our heavy breaths made steam in the air. My legs wanted to give out.. "Please, can I rest for a second." I managed to heave out of my mouth... he stopped and I knew it was only for a second.

My hands fell to my knees as I hunched over and tried to catch my breath... my lungs burned. We had stopped inside a niche on a church, which just so happened to be a memorial to the late royal family.. and also the lost princess. There were little flowers and trinkets the people would bring and lay there. The hope is that one day she will return and take back the throne... and bring peace again. I hope she could return one day... and set this whole kingdom free, like it use to be.

Davin grabbed my hand quickly... three hooded soldiers had spotted us. They didn't have any faces.. and it seemed like they floated over the ground. Where they even human? He yanked me from my spot, I didn't really know what was going on... as we ran I felt as if someone was breathing down my neck. I forced myself to run faster... what did they want? What did this sorcerer want?

The rain stopped. The hooded figures vanished. We were standing in an empty four way section, buildings on all sides. It was quiet.

"People of this kingdom, come. I will give you strength.. come see what your King and Queen are reduced to." 

It was still dark out... I wanted to go. Something was beckoning me to go... Davin squeezed my hand and shook his head.. then there was a massive herd of people making their way down to the shore. We started to get out of the way, I held onto his hand tighter and tighter.. but our grasp was broken..

"Father?!" I screamed over the people as I fought my way through the crowd. I was pushed all around and slowly being dragged in the opposite direction, like a current. "Fatheeerrr?! Davvinn!" I screamed through my sobs. After a few minutes of trying to get through.. I felt hopeless and let the current of people take me away... What was I going to do.. I was alone. What if someone found out?

These people seemed mindless, like robots, brainwashed robots.. and the puppetmaster who now stood on land was waiting for us. I managed to get out of the group... and hid in the last alley way of buildings before you reached the shore. There were a couple of other people down the row... they didn't even look at me or acknowledge my presence.

"What does he want with us?" My whisper was low and shaking.

The older man looked down at me and shook his head... "It looks as if he's sucking the life out of the people.. lad run while you can." My heart sunk... sucking the life out of people? Is that possible? I took a peek between two houses and there I saw him. He was a tall, darker complected, man with dark hair. He was robed in reds and blacks. I couldn't see much else... but it was as if we made eye contact.. I sunk behind the building as well as the others hiding with me..

"I'm glad everyone decided to show up." I peeked back down the row.

"Your precious King and Queen here..." He pointed to the pair who were beheaded and on a steak. "well we have a long relationship.. " the people in the crowd gasped. "And actually, I am the one who gave them their crown." What is this guy talking about... I darted to the next two houses to get a better view.

"I am the one who killed King Gilliam and Queen Selene..." my ears started to pound.. I lost all thought.. my parents died because of... him? Because of some jealously... outrage came from the crown. "But it only gets better, you see in return they were suppose to give me their first born son. As you may know their son is off on holiday..." the man snapped his fingers and there appeared beside him Prince Phillip, bound up and mouth covered. "However. I want something better. I want to make this kingdom suffer more." The crowd shifted... I looked around and there now was a force field all around the area.. there was no way to escape.

"I want the lost princess."

My face went hot... I wanted to throw up. I stood frozen behind the building.

"She hasn't been seen in fifteen years." A man yelled above the up roar among other profanities yelled. The crowed raved about how absurd his request was.. they haven't seen me since I was just a little girl, they searched and searched for me after the castle was burned to the ground.. that's when Sir Davin and his wife took me in.. and made me look like a boy.

The sorcerer laughed and began to shift and morph.. I slammed my back into the back of the house, I watched the face of a girl next to me as she watched him turn into something in human. Just then the ground began to shake under our feet. I watched a fear struck the girl beside me, she screamed as something crashed uptop the house.. above my head I could feel eyes piercing into my brain.

I ran to hide behind one of the other houses, people were running everywhere trying to find a way out.

"Come out come out, little princess." Everyone thought he was mad... how could they produce something that was lost... dead. I ran with the crowd.. that's when I caught sight of it. I huge black and red snake with golden eyes.. it took up most of the beach.. and the rest of its body was in the water.. I could hear it hiss.. I held my ground with a couple of other people behind the house.. its tongue slithered in and out of alley between the two houses.

"Are you afraid? I won't bite.. but if you can't reveal yourself now.. I might get a little hungry."

The people around me were crying, angry, frustrated, betrayed. A young mother holding her two children was weeping silently holding her children close to her... "Who will save us now?"

Everything went silent... he was waiting. I didn't peak to see him, I didn't move. He let out a sigh. Then came a blood curdling scream.. it sounded like a young boy. "I guess I'll start with this one..."

"STOP!" The people around me jumped... probably from not only from the suddenness but from such a girly voice coming from who they thought was a boy. They tried to silence me... and hit me from drawing attention to our hiding spot.

"Come out, show the people who you are." Even though we couldn't see the snake, I could tell his gaze was fixed on me... behind the house. I straighten my stance, looked into the faces around me, who still whispered profanities to me for giving their spot away... but as I turned something started to change.. I could feel it..

To my left side was the main road in and out of the village to and from the shore... like the main street. It was big enough for two carriages to make their way through. There were people on each side.. frozen... keeping their gaze on the snake. I prepared myself for what I was about to see on the beach.. I was terrified.

I took one step onto the cobbled street and the sunlight started to peak through. The people gasped in joy of the sunlight.. no one had caught sight of me until I was walking down the middle of the street.. the group of people who I had been hiding with earlier where in awe...

"Could it be?"

With each step I started to change... my hair grew longer, like I use to keep it. My clothes slowly morphed into the gown I was suppose to wear when I turned eighteen, it was a family heirloom.. The sun shone bright upon me as I heard people cheer and cry... the snake had now morphed back into the sorcerer... I still hadn't made my way yet...

There were bodies of men and horses everywhere. I stood on the edge of the dunes over looking the beach... it was covered in blood. The crowds hurried onto the boardwalk that lined and overlooked. It almost looked like a crowd in a stadium, the sorcerer and I were the actors. I gasped and threw my hand over my mouth.. so many people died.. and why? Over greed and jealousy. The sorcerer motioned me forward.. I didn't want to. Many people behind me shouted at me, I turned to look.. I listened for one voice that mattered to me the most... but I couldn't find his. The shouts turned to screams.. I got that feeling.

I turned back to the ocean and my view was blocked... Towering over me was the dark sorcerer. He was handsome and he stared deep into my eyes... he leaned down to me, "If you come with me I will restore this place to the way it was..." What? Black mailing me... why would I want to go with him, he killed my parents..

"I will not." I shot out of my mouth.. his inviting look turned into a rather horrifying one. He left out a sharp laugh.. "Then I shall rule over you and this hell, get on your knees lost princess." He pointed his finger at me and a heavy force of gravity shot over me... It was trying to bring me down but I fought against it... which did not please him. "If you cannot bow to me, then you will know great pain." A red light shot out of his scepter and surrounded my body. Instantly shocks of pain on every single inch of my body... I could hear cries and shouts from the crowd.

After my body stopped seizing, I got my barrings, and stood up.

"It is time I brought peace back to my kingdom.

*  *  *  *  *  *

WHATTT?! lol

Yeah I have no idea, I have weird dreams. The sorcerer totally reminded me of Jafar, but he was good looking.. The ocean part reminded me of The Little Mermaid, the "lost princess" thing reminded me of Tangled, the town I was running through reminded me of Lord of the Rings....

It was weird.. it sometimes seemed like it was set in medieval times but there was guns and electricity, other things that clearly belonged in our time.

It seemed so real. I felt so empowered, I was really gonna beat him up.. but I woke up. Don't know what happened XP But I hope I have another awesome dream tonight.

So I was doing great on working out and eating right and then today happened.

And just got to feeling self consciousness and depressed about the same ol' same ol'.  

I could go on and on... but I don't feel like being emo publicly. I'm just gonna go consume cheesecake.


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