Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What a stressful emotional roller coaster I've been on today.

1st: I acidentially ordered another wig. "How do you do that?" Well, I honestly don't know. I was browing my purchase history, and my internet was being slow, I was randomly clicking, and I guess I clicked a button or two while the page was frozen or in between loading and purchased one. "But don't you have to type in your debit card numbers?" I have it linked to my pay pal, which seems like a stupid idea now that I look at it... but the seller was really understanding, canceled the transaction and refunded the money to me. Thank you!

2nd: I cut my bangs on my wig. I am kinda of worried that they're too short... and choppy, but when you think about it... it won't really matter. Her bangs are suppose to be short, choppy, crazy.

3rd: The book store wouldn't buy my textbook back. Originally they had an issue because there was a page torn out that had a code on it. A lady in my class called the publisher and the publisher told her that they tore it out before the sold them to the college bookstore. The manager of the book store and the publisher talked, and even after talking and knowing that it wasn't our faults, still won't take the book back.

4th: Work. It's getting stressful. Don't get me wrong I like my job and my boss, but recently I've just been really irritable. I don't know why. I don't know if they job is getting old for me or what. Most of it is like, I do so much for the daycare, work extra hours and don't get paid for them, and don't receive any credit. I know you're suppose to feel like, doing something good and just feeling good about yourself yada yada, but seriously. Over the clock and not getting paid? They could totally get sued. Some of the kids are just out of control too. And, I don't know....

5th: I have a huge load of dishes in the sink I have to do... but I don't want to D':

Other than that, everything is going great! 22 more days till A-Kon! Ahhh and cosplay is going great, with the help of my friends! >.< Cheryl you are my hero! Thank you so much, I am in your debt. For sure.

And my birthday is a week from today! I need to figure out a day/time when I can do something for it.. because I have family coming this weekend, going to Arkansas next weekend. Insane. But you know, I'm super excited.

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  1. Thats so good they refunded your wig. Goodness >< and I bet your Azula wig looks great! The crazier the better. :) And ugh Im sorry about the book store not buying your book back. That is so dumb! It makes me made when these stupid book stores do this. Its a conspiracy, serioiusly! All they want to do is make money. They dont care about the students. It makes me sick. -__- and about work, I totaly understand! It may be we are burnt out on the day care, but I remember what it was like working with Pea, she recuires way more work than the other day care. I was always still cleaning and it'd be like 6:15 and I'd be vacuming. Pea is so sweet and I love her to death dont get me wrong. But she asks a lot of you. Like always helping decorate the rooms and stuff on the weekend and what not.... and serioiusly Mattie, you do an amazing AMAZING Job there, and put in so much work, do so much for the kids, and youve been there a long time! I cant believe they have not given you a raise!! Like Heather who works at Wallmart hasn't even been working there a year and already got a big raise. Idk... I just dont think its fair. and they should be paying you for working over time. :( and man... yeah those kids can be crazy some times! X_X gahhhh.... Im sorry Mattie. *hugs* hang in there. >< I'll be praying for you! Akon will be our much deserved vacation from the daycare. D: And no problem!! I love helping make Azula!! Its soooo much fun!! X3 Ahhh!! Your going to be amazing!! X3 I cant wait to add on the fine details to everything. ^.^ <3333 Love you!!!!