Monday, May 9, 2011

We so excited.

I know I am!

So I think I have my contact issue solved. One of the places never got back with me, so I had to cancel my order. But I ordered some other honey and blue colored lenses off of amazon, I needed a trusted website. XP And they said that they would come in in a couple of days, cross your fingers!

Cosplay (My to do list):

Videl: (These things are easy)
Take my shirt in a bit
Boots / Socks
Yellow hair ties
Sew on school patch
Blue contacts
New UFC gloves

Azula: (Hardest D: )
Armor - black leather-ish material? Gold/Red trim? Upper
Lower armor skirt thing, black red trim
Gold Belt w/ pendant
Red poofy pants
Red long sleeve shirt
Elbow to hand darker red glove/bracer w/ gold trim
Find boots
Decorate boots
Honey contacts

Sailor Moon: (I don't know if I'll do this for AKON)
Fix wig :'(
Blue contacts
Spray paint boots
New bow

But you know, I guess I'm not that worried about. I mean, once I start on something I'm totally glued on it until I finish it. And I'm a pretty fast learner. Haha. 

Two more finals left, have to push harder... but my mind is already on the summer and looking forward to conventions. And watching anime. Like BLEACH! I'm hooked and I wanna cosplay as Orihime, of course in the future. lol

Alright, if you need me I'll be going crazy with excitedness watching anime and working on my backbends. OH yeah.


  1. Whoot whoot! Cosplay to-do lists for the win! Haha, you'll get it done, Mattie! Whenever our AKON meeting is, I'll remember to bring that vinyl fabric stuff and you can see if you'd be able to use it at all for Azula. :) Now that I look at the pictures though, it may not be dark enough, but, we'll figure somethin' out!

    We can do this! Omg! :O

  2. Oh, and before I forget...