Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in...

"and stops my mind from wandering where it will go."

Busy day. Geeez, it was nonstop. This is the first time today that I've just been able to sit down and take a breather. I woke up a little bit before eight, took a shower, went with Rhiannon and Caelynn to go to the spa for Caelynn's 7th birthday. They got their toes down, I got my nails done. Then we went Mother's day shopping, I also got stuff to have a little party for Caelynn, and when we got home (4:00p.m.) I set up her b-day decorations, had dinner, waited for mom to get home from work, had Mother's Day and Caelynn's birthday. Got the kids to bed at 9:00 p.m. and now here I am and it's 10:12 p.m. I really need to do laundry but I really really do not feel like it. Uhhh.

OH, while we were out Rhiannon had to go try on her bridesmaid dress and that was a bit depressing. While she was back trying her dresses on, me and Caelynn were picking out dresses and seeing what dresses would fit our new painted nails. And just seeing girls picking out their wedding gowns and what not... I guess I was just kind of jealous. That they've (I'm assuming) found their one true guy that they're going to spend the rest of the lives with. I haven't even started looking, I don't know where to look O.O and sometimes I'm afraid to look.

Still in school... I have two more finals left. D':
But at least I get to sell my books back. And after next Thursday I'll be a free woman. Yesssss.
I am so ready for the summer, it's crazy.

And I think Rapunzel is my new favorite Disney princess. 

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