Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Continue to climb.

I want to see Red Ridding Hood! Haha, it looks pretty scary and thrilling. I also want to see Sucker Punch, it looks like a super girl power film. AND we have Spring Break next week so I think I'll be able to.

Oh, Spring Break. Just think of all the things we'll be able to do... I hope I don't get any homework over it or have to study for tests that are going to be after it. I just want to relax and have fun. I'm excited because I might go and roller skate with they daycare! Yay, I love roller skating! lol!

Cosplay, cosplay, cosplay lala la la la lalalala coooossplay! Cosplay! :3
I love, am excited about, am crazy about cosplay!

"Follow your dream.
Take one step at a time and don't settle for less,
Just continue to climb.
Follow your dream.
If you stumble, don't stop and lose sight of your goal
Press to the top.
For only on top can we see the whole view,
Can we see what we've done and what we can do;
Can we then have the vision to seek something new,
Press on.
Follow your dream."


1 comment:

  1. We should go see Red Ridding Hood. lol! XD and man! Jelous! XD I wish I could go with yall to go roller skating. lol! XD

    That poem was so pretty! ^__^