Monday, September 24, 2012

Twinkle 。・:*:・゚

One of Girls Gen's new songs.. I can't say it's my favorite but I like it!

I've been slacking in the blogging department, I think about doing it, but at the end of the day I'm just so exhausted. And lazy XD Hmm, what has happened in the past couple of weeks?

- Went to the Baltimore Aquarium which is near the harbor. Oh! What a beautiful place! Right by the water, I love it. It had me thinking of mermaids. And the aquarium itself was amazing too :3

- Went to a great sushi place called Rolls and Rice and they were playing Girls Gen on their over head radio. It was awesome! And the food is amazing.

- Found the mall <3

- Learned about the "hombre" hairstyle. It's where girls dye the ends of their hair lighter... why would I care about that? I was told my hair was really awesome.. Since I'm growing my hair out and the ends are like blonde compared to my natural hair, it's pretty much hombre. I'm totally in style and I didn't even know it.

- I've been trying to work out and eat healthier! I've lost 6 lbs so far! :3

- PONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that's pretty much it.. During the day I pretty much daydream and hang on facebook. Then workout and chill while he's napping (right now) and at night I do homework/school. The weeks seem to run together.. like really fast! I have no idea where these weeks have gone to.. I feel like I've been gone forever but I don't. One thing I know for sure, I miss my family. My brothers and sisters and my awesome friends. You guys are my family, right?!

So I know Sable asked about going to Disney world.. I know that's a lot of money... but what if we planned for it to be at then end of Summer.. before school starts? Or during fall break? Or next Christmas break? Like I would not go to Izumi or shave off a convention. I much rather make memories at Disney world than another con. So I've shoved Akon off.. but if we plan, and all put so much money back every pay check.. and have garage sales, like, every weekend! Wouldn't that be really fun? Like that'd be totally getting away from reality! OHMAIGAWSH, to be free and childish. Surrounded by magic everyday. I wanna do it! I think we should, but just push back the date and save up for it. What do you say? :3

I've been watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader show.. you know you think, "WOW, look at their outfits.." but past that they're all super strong, fit, healthy girls. They could probably kick my or your butts. They work hard to be able to do what they do. Most of them are really smart too.. It's my inspiration while I work out. They push no matter what and when they fail, they go home and practice practice practice.

GAIZ I MISS YOU ALL! Can't wait to see you in exactly three weeks and two days! :D :D :D :D

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  1. It's okay I've been stinking at blog updating too :P LOL. And idk about that song, haha, I like their others better I think. and the beginning is a little slow. But their outfits are cute!

    Yay being in style! And aquariums! :D

    PONNNIEEEESS :D <3 I'm so happy you're into them, mwahahaha. Aweomeness. And Cheryl is converting next. >3 I can't wait to be princess pegasisters with you as Celestia and Luna! :DDDDD

    You're being my inspiration on losing weight/working out D: I neeeeed to make more time for working out daily. And my diet has been slacking lately. :( GAH. I need consistency. I love the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader show though it is really inspiring :) They work super crazy hard it's insane. They're not just toned/healthy/pretty they're freaking hardcore and intense haha.

    And about the Disneyworld thing. I guess I'm just intimidated by the price/what my parents would think about how I'm USING my money... but at the same time, it is my money so if I save save save and plan plan plan they can't really stop me. But here are my thoughts on it:

    1) If we want to do this, we need to seriously start planning now, soon, even if it's a year or more away.

    2) Off-season time would probably be best to fight the crowds; and preferably a time when it's not so crazy hot but that may be hard if our only flexible option is summertime @.@

    3) Maybe look into those package deals where you stay on the resort get the park hopper passes? Those seem overall cheaper? I'm not sure. It'd keep us from driving far al the time. It would be essentially like another convention, BUT GIANT, and, well Disneyworld, lol.

    4) I'd be totally fine shaving off AKON. Even maybe TnT to afford a Disneyworld trip with everyone. But I will probably still attend Izumi just cause it's tradition to me and is my favorite con most def. Plus it's usually pretty laid back/comfy feeling anyway to go. Even if I just got for a couple days :3

    5) We also need to consider budgeting for: food, gas, buying/spending money, other expenses besides just the pass and the hotel fees.

    But you're so right... doing something like Disney world would be magical and very fun/enlightening. ESPECIALLY with our closest friends there. :D And it would be new memories.

    We should all discuss further and see if it's possible.