Monday, September 10, 2012

Most nights, I don't know anymore...

Ohhh whooaaa-ohhh, ohhh whoooaaa-oooh ohhhhhhhhhohhhh.

Bwhaha, this song is growing on me. I just don't like it when he suddenly goes into auto-tuning, like what? OHH and sorry this is the explicit version, I think it drops the F bomb. XP boooo.  

I think I just really got that way yesterday because of the people and just things piling up. I've been putting things, everything, on the back burner. It's sad but true.

-I'm not doing as well as I hoped in school
-I don't have a church
-I've gained some weight
-I'm not being outgoing/exploring

But I need to change. I can't cry when nothing is going my way because I'm not doing anything to help it along. SO:

-I'm going to try out a church on Sunday
-I'm going to study
-I'm going to watch what I eat and workout
-I'm going to explore

I need to find the positives. I need to be strong. I need to put faith in God. I need to find that light.

Today I saw Captain America and ... he is good looking :3


Thanks guys for your constant support, I love you so much! Miss you loads!


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