Monday, April 2, 2012

You brought me to life. ☆

Meghan, you just got me into a Tangled mood :3

I rode my horse, Tommy, today. It's funny I realized I call him Tombo and I have forever. There is just something about being on a horse, the wind in your hair, and running through fields. It's so amazing and liberating. There were a couple of times he kicked out or bucked, but you just gotta let em' know who's boss. >:D I wanna try to ride at least twice a week, I really want to get him back into shape and maybe go to the play days in Piedmont. That would be really fun. I wish I had a cosplay that involved horses, that'd be a killer photo shoot. lol

Yesterday. Was. So. Much. FUN! I had loads of fun. I was also happy to be able to see and hang out with everyone. I know that boy was probably like 17 or younger, but it still made me feel happy. I've never really been complimented by a guy, haha. It made me feel special....I mean I know I have amazing eyes. ROFL just kidding, but I do. XD

I guess I was thinking about the whole Sara thing.. I was kinda upset-ish. But then I felt really kiddish/childish. Running away? That's kind of lame on my part, like I can't stand up to things. Sure she just kind of fell of the edge of the earth and quit talking to me... but I've grown apart from all of my friends in high school. And that's life. Life happens. Things happen. I think next time I see one of them, or her since she seems to appear at the same things, I will say high. I really felt like you know would Jesus run away from people? Or not go over to them because he was wronged by them? Am I showing God's love by not confronting her?

But am I wrong to want to be thinner before I do ever confront them? Haha, sigh.

I'm burning incense right now :3 and I wish I had that steeper thingy, or I'd be having tea as well. So I weighed myself this morning and I actually lost a couple of pounds even though I had that super carb loaded dinner at Chili's. All that walking and sweating paid off. Then after riding horses, you wouldn't think you'd be doing much, but you have to keep your posture and you squeeze with you legs and other stuff, so you work your muscles a lot. I'm actually kind of sore.. but I feel so hardcore. A good way to start the week and build up confidence to get back on the "getting fit" "working out" train.

I love this season because of all the colors. The colors of the blooming flowers. BUH! I love flowers!!! And the pastel candies... pastel makes all the candies better. 

Love you guys! Thanks for always being there when I need you. You guys really have a special place in my heart.

P.S. Picture Overload, there was just too much to choose from <3

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