Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Isn't it wonderful?"

This is from the end of the game /sobs
It is so beautiful...

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Standing before a decadent dessert table piled high like a tempting tower was a daunting task. I was glowing with the first flush of success with my healthy eating plan, but now I found myself at the blow-out wedding of the season. A mere wedding cake was not enough panache for this soiree. Instead, a full buffet of chocolate truffles accompanied the groom’s cake. It was beautiful. And I wanted one of each flavor!

Previously, when I faced the calorie-overload opportunities so common in our culture, I felt overwhelmed and defeated. The tower of truffles seemed like a tower of impossibility. But this time my perspective was different. I had experienced a shift and tasted a new style of hope.

The particular healthy-eating plan that I had chosen was full of wisdom about the realities of food’s interaction with my body. In addition, I had put some healthy boundaries in place, surrounded myself with a like-minded friend, and replaced old lies in my mind with new truths.

This new foundation began to slowly build, one day at a time. Healthy choices piled on top of each other day after day.

Then, one day I woke up for the first time feeling incredibly empowered. I still did the typical routine with the scale–no clothes and no ponytail holder. My body was slowly changing because I had lost some weight. But the most thrilling feeling was knowing that my heart was changing.

Hope over despair tasted better than any food I’d ever given up. I had sought God’s perspective using prayer, boundaries, and His fulfillment as my source. I realized nothing was worth compromising the path of victory I was on — not even the tower of truffles!

I paved my victory path by imagining every good choice I made was like settling another brick into place: bricks of prayer, wise choices, closeness to God, closeness to others, confidence, energy, and focus.

Each and every time I conquered a temptation by making a healthy choice, I became stronger and stronger. And, brick by brick, prayer by prayer, good choice by good choice, my hope soared. I’m making positive physical changes, but even more importantly, I’m making wise spiritual changes. As Proverbs 24:14 reminds me, walking in spiritual wisdom secures my hope that this healthy journey will not end in defeat:

Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul; if you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.

As you face similar temptations, I can’t promise that there won’t be any more tears. There will be. And I can’t promise that sweets will no longer appeal to you. They may. I can’t even promise that the number on the scale will magically drop as quickly as you wish. It probably won’t. But gaining spiritual wisdom along the way will set your feet on a sure path of victory. Press on, my friend!

"So shall the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul: when thou hast found it, then there shall be a reward, and thy expectation shall not be cut off." -Proverbs 24:14

* * * * * *

So I've thought about doing something nice for myself every ten pounds I loose, like an incentive kind of thing! So here's my list:

Current 200lbs :////

190lbs - Crest Teeth Whitening Kit (I've always wanted one!)
180lbs - Rilakkuma Kigurumi
170lbs - New bathingsuit (I really want a cute polka dot one)
160lbs - Dresses from D:
150lbs - Total new wardrobe.

I'm not buying any more new clothes! :))

I need to put more faith into God and not limit Him. I need to include Him in ALL that I do, glorify Him with ALL that I do.


How is everyone? I'm great, I had a pretty good day today. I went with Michelle and Greyson to a Gymboree class! That was fun, it was like a glorified daycare. But all the parents are there with their kids and it's like a tiny gym class for little kids. They get to slide and throw balls!

Today it was 48 degrees and we thought that was heaven! How funny.. it's usually been in the 30's and raining, so hey, I'll take it. It's suppose to be beautiful like that tomorrow too, so I'll have to go outside!!!

Below there's a picture of a plus size model in a bra and underwear... I honestly think she's of normal size and if there were more campaign adds or if we saw her on the runway or in Victoria's Secret, our view of ourselves and others would be so much different. That girl is so beautiful! 

Cosplay stuffffffffffff -

- Fix Yuna skirt.
- Fix Yuna white top.
- Possibly make a new Yuna black bra.
- Applejack bag <3
- Applejack belt buckle.
- Starfire dress.
- Starfire armor (gauntlets, arm piece, neck piece.)
- Starfire resin.
- Starfire boot covers DDDDD:

A lot and I still need to get a heat gun... Just have three more weeks. Gotta get my butt in gear!!

Miss you all! See you all soon!! :)))))

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  1. Mattie, you are so awesome!! and Im so proud of you!! man... I wish we could work out together. :( When you come back lets go to jambajuice! My treat! ;) reading your post made me feel really inspired and motivated. I want to be healthier too... and not just with my body but my mind. I want to be be spiritually healthy. Full of happiness only God can give. I try to fill my thoughts and life with so many worldly things... that only bring me happiness for a little while. But never long run. :( I'm going to work harder Mattie! >< please hold me accountable! also I love how you set up rewards for yourself!!! sooo I'm just curious... I typed in Rilakkuma Kigurumi cause I didn't know what it was, and it brought up pictures of a giant bear like snuggie??? XD is that what you want to buy? it looks awesome haha and warm! XD and ohhh! I want to buy crest whitening strips too! My teeth are so yellow from so much tea! D: I love tea but man does it stain teeth! :( gahhh I miss you!! I love reading your blog posts!!! also can't wait to see all your cosplays!! :D and I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU! only 3 weeks!! GAHHH! :DDDD love yoooouuuu!!! ^___^