Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where did the summer go?

But really, I feel like I haven't really had one. Tokyo in Tulsa was fun but it was way too fast. And now public schools are back in session and college is starting.. and my test is but a few weeks away. But I'm excited for fall weather and fall fashion. I just love wearing comfy sweat pants and comfy boots and oversized comfy sweaters. Basically looking sloppy/cute/comfy but it being in style and not sweating in it! Haha!

Guys, I really hate math... it is going to be my downfall. It makes me procrastinate. I just need to keep my eye on the big picture, ya know? And make myself sit down for at least two hours everyday studying. Basic math, who knew? XP

Awesome church services, my home church and Life Church with Cheryl :) I really need to get on a better walk with God. I have been slacking and stupid. The good thing is that God never gives up on us and is always welcoming us back with open arms.

This weekend I got a lot of dress O.O I love dresses lol. I got two green ones, a formal blue one, two black ones, and an Alice in Wonderland dress from HotTopic :)

I have a quick confession. Cheryl I wanted to tell you tonight... I just felt really stupid and embarrassed and I guess it's hard for me to talk about things like this? Well mostly because I felt really stupid...  I kinda developed a one-sided crush... on a real person XPP hahaha. I don't really know much about him or really know who he is.. I know he's a Christian and he seems really nice. I've had like one conversation with him.... XDJKASJI:dkl;asldkfjlol

I guess when I think about "pursuing" it/him... I get disheartened. Because my self-confidence is shot and I'm just really awkward around guys in general :////// and I don't know if I really should pursue it. Or if I should just pray and wait till after my Nursing exam. I just... don't know. I suck when it comes to these things. I guess I just don't feel like I fit the "girl friend type/material." Or that I don't meet the "standard", I guess I just feel like one of the guys out of all of us girls. Or maybe my awkwardness drives guys away ... I know I know what you're saying.... you're probably telling me to shut up. But yeah... XP /flails


This Fall:
- Lavender fields
- Apple picking
- Disney on Ice
- Halloween Party <3
- Friend rave
- Poetry reading
- Vintage days


  1. Awwww sweetie!! It's ok!! don't feel embarrassed! You can always talk to me about stuff like that! any time! thats what I'm here for. ^_^ And about what you asked though, if you think you should pursue him? Here's my answer. I don't think you should... But instead!!!! I do encourage you to be his friend. And not just an acquaintance but really his friend. The best start to any relationship is always friendship. :) If there isn't a solid friendship first then its really hard to build a relationship. A solid friendship is like a strong foundation. It will keep you both stronger and closer to each other in the long run. I read in a book once, that if you skip friendship first, you will only see this person on their best behavior. Like dates and stuff, they will try and be super sweet and trying to impress you. And even in dating the first year its hard to really know the person because they will also still be on their best behavior. With friendship you will see both their good and bad side. You will learn more about them, and will see if you are compatible way before dating is even brought up. And if its meant to be, things will fall into place. Eventually God will bring you two together in his timing. :) I would definitely pray for the guy, and try to talk to him more though. But always have a friendship point of view first when approaching it. :) Guys pic up fast on sincere kindness, and I think they respond better then a girl just flirting with them or trying to be their girl friend right away. Maybe he needs a good friend in his life right now. :) So is this guy a guy at your church? :DD Sorry hope all that advice made sense. I want to talk to you about it more in person next time we hang out too. ^_^ but definitely don't give up! If its meant to be God will for sure bring you two together. :)

  2. And oh my gosh! I know right where did summer go?!!! I'm so sad!! ;_; But I'm looking forward to Fall festivities!!! I loved everything you put on that list!!! ^.^ <3 and I LOVE that Bolin picture!!!! X3

  3. dat Zutara pic /nosebleeds

    /reading this really late

    /what is Blogger

    I love you ;3;